Unavailability of legal seeds in Canada for a personal culture


You can grow your own cannabis plants in Canada, but you can grow them from legal seeds, but currently they are unavailable ...

And for now, there are none, so you can not. The provincial monopolies of cannabis would like to sell seeds, but the authorized producers do not ... Farmers find themselves unable to establish a personal and legal culture, for the moment ...

Canadian legislation lacks personal culture

In Canada, your plants would be legal, under federal law, only if you grow them from seeds that you bought legally. But right now, there is no legal source of seeds... Retailers licensed by governments must buy the seeds from licensed producers, and for the time being, no seed is available.

This is a strange situation that will not last, since in Ottawa small farmers are already being issued "nursery licenses; that will eventually become a source of seeds and plants for legal sellers (in addition to authorized producers.)

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Canopy growth promises seeds by the next spring. It will take from 3 to 6 months to start a personal culture. But at the moment culture at home is yet another detail that makes failure to comply with the legislation in force...

Canopy Growth, the largest licensed producer in Canada, is promising seeds next spring.

Jordan Sinclair of Canopy Growth promises legal seeds: "I can not speak for all producers. But we'll start ours closer to the time of year when people plant seeds. "-" At the end of the winter, we'll go to the market so people can plant them in the spring. "

Possibility of issuance on an ad hoc basis

The federal government issues "nursery licenses"To small producers who want to sell seeds or live plants. However, they can obtain supplies from major licensed producers or from abroad in countries such as Jamaica Or the "Uruguay.

They are also allowed to buy seeds from these producers, but a point base . Indeed, they must declare them once at the time of the license application, and never buy any more thereafter ...

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However, legalization in Canada (if you have more than 19ans or more than 18, depending on the province), allows the possession of 30 grams of dried flowers or equivalent (in public). Thus, consumers will not have to justify the source ...

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