Colorado governor testifies about legalization


John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado, after years of legalization says: "All we feared has not happened"

In 2012, Colorado confirmed the full legalization of cannabis and, after a year, opened legal stores throughout the country. This week, the state governor (John Hickenlooper) says that all the warnings about increasing the use of "drugs" among young people and the epidemic of "driving under the influence" have disappeared.

Colorado Historical Results

Colorado was the first country in the US to have legalized and licensed cannabis, marking the beginning of the legalization revolution that has operated since 2012. Then, when the historical results were known, the state governor was a bit scared ... John Hickenlooper, claimed he could have turned around if he could.

But a few years later, in the face of reality, the warnings of the opponents dissipated. Thus, positive results have appeared in various spheres of everyday life. The governor changed his mind and expressed support for cannabis. Since the historic decision made by Colorado residents in a democratic referendum, the outgoing governor says he is satisfied with his results.

"The things that worried us the most - an increase in cannabis use among teenagers and people driving under the influence - that did not happen," he said.

Confidences at the Forum of the Economic Club of Chicago

And Wednesday, at a conference of a economic club in ChicagoHickenlooper describes the challenges his government faced when Colorado voters approved a measure to legalize use by adults.

"At first, we saw a slight increase in youth use, but then decreased." - "We did not see any population groups in which there was an increase in the percentage of exception of the elderly. I let you draw the conclusions of this figure, "he added.

In the interview, John Hickenlooper admits that he had also smoked cannabis in the past. But he tells us that he was somewhat dissuaded by the THC content that cannabis contains today ... Unlike that sold in the 70 years.

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"I'm told it's 10x stronger than I smoked at school. Yes I smoked and I took my lungs. But it was a fraction of strength compared to what these children have today, "he said.

"I'm not sure I can say it's a huge success, but the previous method was terrible. I think that despite all the difficulties and challenges, this method (legalization) is better than the one we had. "

Mr. Hickenlooper, is currently nominated as a potential candidate for the 2020 Presidential Election ...

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