The seminars of the pharmaceutical industry organize the business


Pharmaceutical industry seminars officially educate doctors, and unofficially organize the sale of their drugs ...

The pharmaceutical industry has been doing this for years and around the world; officially to educate doctors, informally to convince them to prescribe more their drugs ... Today, the practice seminars sponsored by companies and by "specialists" are criticized as disguised salesmen ... And this happens even in the world in booming medical cannabis ...

Disguised sellers of the pharmaceutical industry

The agenda highlights the academic and health affiliations of the "world-renowned" speakers, but fails to mention that almost all of them have links with cannabis producing companies, pharmaceutical companies or private clinics ...

"Shoppers Drug Mart" chains have received distribution approval from Health Canada; and are currently organizing many seminars ...

In the pharmaceutical industry, the main opinion leaders can win 2 000 $ ou much more by conference. According to National Postthis development seems to favor the big corporations of medical cannabis; and makes critics fear the influence of large pharmaceutical companies on doctors.

"I think this is a serious problem," said Dr. Joel Lexchin, a health policy specialist and emergency physician in Toronto. "It is absolutely necessary that doctors learn to prescribe cannabis for medical purposes. But that should not be paid for by people who benefit from increased sales. "

Point of view of pharmaceutical lobbies

Sessions entitled "Medical cannabis: the future is now"Have already taken place in Calgary and Vancouver (always organized with a" welcome reception "). Resellers defend these events as a way to inject scientific know-how into this booming market ...

"Recreational cannabis is now more accessible and available than medical cannabis. This increases the risk that patients can and want to self-medicate, "said Catherine Thomas, a spokesperson for the pharmacy chain. "Ultimately, we believe that the best way to help patients seeking to use this therapy is to educate health professionals."

Resellers like "Shoppers Drug Mart" received a cannabis production license from Health Canada in September. What should be the first step towards sale by pharmacies. The pharmaceutical industry is pressuring the federal government to let pharmacists distribute medical cannabis.

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Sanofi (French company) with many patents around medical cannabis, on tour in Algeria ...

Seminars for the education of doctors?

Industry-funded presentations are a large part of the continuing medical education that physicians receive. And that's often because no one else will pay for this training ... number of studies have shown, however, that they encourage less optimal prescription, while encouraging doctors to turn to the products of the promoter.

Example of a seminar organized by a pharmaceutical laboratory, in Barcelona ...

These seminars are billed as a way for health professionals to better understand the latest research on cannabis. And, supposedly to learn to apply them correctly to patients, in order to get practical advice. But, what they probably will not hear (as currently in France) is the skepticism on the part of experts about cannabis described as a medicinal plant, or as a simple therapy.

Following the National Post article, none of the doctors contacted were available for comment ... But an online search reveals that most of them have a paid job in the pharmaceutical industry ...

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