Texas decriminalization bill tabled


Texas plans in 2019 the decriminalization of cannabis in the form of a lump sum fine

Representative Joe Moody tabled a bill (first introduced by Tom Angell of "Marijuana Moment"), on decriminalization Monday morning for the legislative session of 2019, Texas. The text of the bill proposes a lump sum fine depending on the amount of cannabis.

Decriminalization in Texas

The Texas Republican Party officially approved the decriminalization of cannabis in June. The party's program now says it supports the amendment of the law "to make cannabis possession a civil offense, not a criminal offense"

March for cannabis organized by NORML in 2015. This is the first rally for cannabis reform in Texas. (Photo: Matthew Busch, for the Express-News)

If it is adopted, "a person who knowingly or intentionally possesses a usable quantity of cannabis, 28 grams, is not guilty of an offense, but is liable to a maximum civil fine of $ 250 "According to the text of the bill.

End of arrests for possession of cannabis

Moody's bill on decriminalization would reflect this sentiment. This puts an end to the arrests for possession of cannabis. Thus the law replaces the risk of imprisonment or the criminal record for "delinquents" by a simple fine.

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"The Civil Sanctions Act is the first thing I tabled on the first day of the 86e session. There has been an incredible surge of support since the last session, the official Republican and Democratic platforms of Texas both approve of this type of reform. "- Joe Moody, in a press release.

Cannabis reforms are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. In addition, politicians do not really have a choice, they must adapt or be left behind. According to Gallup, two-thirds of Americans now support the federal legalization of cannabis.

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