The Order of Pharmacists unfavorable to the medicinal plant


The College of Pharmacists Opposes the Status of Therapeutic Cannabis as a "Medicinal Plant"

The ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines) and a Temporary Committee of Scientists are somewhat behind the "evaluation of the relevance and feasibility of the provision of therapeutic cannabis in France." However, during the first session of the CSST (Center specialized in drug addiction care), the Order of Pharmacists recommends the possible use of therapeutic cannabis, but in its drug form. This goes against the recent Senate debate on medicinal plants and the professions of the future.

The Order of Pharmacists Pursues the Drug Form of Cannabis

Following a first hearing of the CSST (for the evaluation of the ANSM), the president of the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists (Carine Wolf-Thal), tells us that the use of cannabis as a medicinal plant seemed to him unsuitable for France ... Indeed, as expected France favors the traditional circuit of pharmacies; while prohibiting the recreational use of the plant.

TheEvaluation (in progress) the cannabis plant would lean towards a form of "pharmaceutical preparations", which would approximate the status of the drug such as Sativex, theEpidiolex etc. If there is no alternative to treatment, cannabis-based medicines could be allowed in France.

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If the evaluation of the ANSM Scientific Committee is in favor of cannabis (beginning 2019); the plant will be considered a material for pharmaceutical use. But the debate in the Committee remains, "to determine the involvement of pharmacists." Carine Wolf-Thal expresses the need to:

"Have clear rules to ensure the effectiveness, quality and safety of the products dispensed and the safety of the chain at the service of the patient"

Hearing of the CSST - Video Session of 12 NOVEMBER 2018

Temporary specialized scientific committees are groups of external experts, formed specifically to answer a given problem. Among them, members of the CSST (Specialized Center for Drug Abuse Care); has just made this November 12 to a public hearing (de + 8h ...), broadcast live by the ANSM.

The CSST will give its first conclusions by the end of the year. It may, if necessary, continue its work in 2019 to propose the availability on the French market ... However, it is very damaging that the Order of Pharmacists and the CSST do not follow up on Senate debate on the "information mission on the development of herbalism and medicinal plants, sectors and professions of the future".

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The Apothecary Oath

This effort of Rehabilitation of the noble profession of herbalist and the use of medicinal plants, was not taken into account in the proposals .. And, although science seems to be in favor of this positive renewal.

Remember, the oath of Galen (or oath of apothecaries) is a text pronounced by any pharmacy student at the end of the defense of his thesis exercise. The oath of Galen is inspired by the oath of Hippocrates, loaned by the future doctors still today.

Admittedly, in France, this oath has no legal value ... On the other hand, a code of deontology pharmacists exists and is integrated into the Public Health Code.

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