New drinks with water soluble cannabinoids


Sproutly develops a range of functional beverages infused with cannabis and hemp

Sproutly Canada has completed the development and formulation of a range of functional drinks with cannabinoids naturally soluble in water ("Infuz2O"). In sum, water-soluble cannabinoids.

Infuz2O and Bio-Natural Oil

In the exponentially growing cannabis industry, so far, emphasis has been placed on the production of cannabinoids only in the form of isolated lipids (oils). But, the cannabis industry is experiencing significant growth as more and more countries legalize its use. In addition, technological advances in the industry range from improving crop efficiency to improving oil extraction methods. This, through the development of oil formulations in different distribution systems to improve their transport in the blood.

How to make cannabis compatible with water ...

Infusion Biosciences (IB) science team discovered forms soluble lipids (oils), including cannabinoids and terpenes, which naturally occur in plants. Through a patent-pending process and proprietary reagents made from natural ingredients; IB now produces two unique finished ingredients from cannabis and hemp plants: Infuz2O et Bio-Natural Oil.

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Infusion's APP process gently recovers cannabis extract that is naturally soluble in water directly from cannabis. It does not form oil in water-compatible preparations.

The drinks combine the recently licensed rights of the proprietary water-soluble mineral platform ("MiST Platform") with Infuz20. The initial range consists of three distinct drinks made from cannabis and hemp.

These drinks offer the following functions: a) targeted energy; b) stress relief and relaxation; and c) support for restful sleep.

The functional drinks category

The Company is currently developing a brand of medicinal products and adult use. And so, including its range of functional drinks. It is expected that the initial drinks will be ready for the consumers. Finally, when Health Canada authorizes the legal sale of beverages.

"The objective of the Company has been to develop products that will distinguish our functional drinks from cannabis / hemp drinks developed by our competitors. Our competitive advantage is to leverage the range of proprietary water-soluble technologies we have acquired and create a range of consumer products that have good taste and a functional purpose, "said Keith Dolo, Chief Executive Officer. "Our drinks are aimed not only at the emerging cannabis market, but at the large functional beverage market that exists today," he added.

The functional beverage category is becoming more popular with consumers. Notably, with those looking for low-calorie, nutrient-rich drinks as a healthy alternative to traditional beverages. Thus, the global market for functional beverages is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6,1% to reach 93,68 billion US dollars by 2019, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc.

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Concept 'Infusion Biosciences'

Cannabis as such has long been used by consumers to meet their needs. Especially with regard to wellness and lifestyle (modern). Thus, Sproutly's functional beverage formulations meet the growing and growing needs of consumers in this area.

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