Snoop Dogg invests with Patrick Stewart in UK research


Snoop Dogg Invests 10 Million Dollars In A British Research Firm With Patrick Stewart

Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies is involved in research on pain and inflammation therapies; as well as in cancer treatments and cures for gastrointestinal diseases. The businessman Snoop Dogg (via Casa Verde Capital) and the actor of the next Star Trek series, Sir Patrick Stewart, invest a colossal sum.

Snoop Dogg and Patrick Stewart Invest in Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies

Snoop Dogg made an investment $ 10 million in a new medical research company on cannabis in the UK; through its venture capital firm Casa Verde. Snoop is not his first investment in supporting the medical cause. But, this is one of the biggest investments in Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies, which is seeking funding for a research partnership and a laboratory in Europe.

Snoop Dogg poses in the press room of the BET Awards 2018 at the Microsoft Theater.

Casa Verde Capital focuses on the "auxiliary" cannabis industry, apart from the actual distribution of the plant. This also concerns health and wellness companies; but also financial services, the media, agrotechnics and laboratory technology.

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His investment in OCT will support the company's research into therapies against:

  • Pain and inflammation
  • cancer treatments
  • and remedies for gastrointestinal diseases.

But also, Sir Patrick Stewart, a great amateur of medical cannabis, has also become the patron of the company, adding in a statement:

"I am proud to become a sponsor of OCT. It is wonderful that Casa Verde Capital has raised the funds that will allow Britain to lead the way in what I believe is one of the world's most exciting medical research areas. The possibilities seem to me virtually limitless. "

For the next Star Trek seriesPatrick Stewart has agreed to resume his iconic role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

The actor spoke in the past the use of cannabis for medical purposes in the treatment of severe arthritis. Pleading thus, for a British research on cannabis-based drugs. In the meantime, he will serve on the OCT Advisory Board, and further appointments will be announced shortly.

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