White House prepares federal reform


The White House plans to tackle the federal cannabis reform, Jeff Sessions resigns ...

According to representative Dana Rohrabacher, the White House plans to completely reform cannabis. In addition, the sudden resignation of Jeff Sessions seems corroborated with the new intention of the US government. President Donald Trump, therefore has the firm intention to correct the federal regulation (Annex 1) surrounding the cannabis plant.

Change at the White House

Cannabis fans Wednesday celebrated the ouster of the US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, whose mandate as chief enforcer of the law included strong narcotics policies. This corroborates with the quote from the representative of the White House who had announced to the media that the Trump administration had made a "firm commitment" to correct the regulation of cannabis.

"I spoke to people in the White House who know and who are part of the entourage of the president ... I spoke to them at length. I am reassured that the President intends to keep his election promise. "-" I expect that after the elections (mid-term) we will sit down and begin to elaborate something specific and of real. "-" It could be spring 2019, but certainly at the next legislative session "

Dana Rohrabacher says President Trump is in favor of legalizing cannabis for medical purposes at the federal level - and leaving the issue of recreational cannabis use to states.

Cannabis for recreational purposes has been legalized in California this year. Tuesday, the Michigan became the tenth state to legalize recreational cannabis. Thirty-two others approved cannabis for medical purposes, most recently the state of the art.Utah and Missouri. The Rohrabacher predictions appear to be accurate, with the recent resignation of the number one enemy of cannabis in the United States, aka former Senator Jeff Sessions.

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The resignation of Jeff Sessions

Throughout his life and his mandate, Jeff Sessions was strongly criticized by the community, and the cannabis industry. The former Attorney General of the United States, put a brake on politics reform on the use of cannabis; even going up fight the patients medical cannabis ... During these sessions, federal prosecutors requested that maximum sentences be imposed; and even for minor offenses ...

"Good people do not smoke marijuana." Jeff ...

Jeff Sessions' policy had grown; while some states legalized cannabis, and others recognized medical use ... Jeff Sessions increased the penalties for cannabis, while member states reduced it ...

Today the pro-cannabis community is looking forward to Jeff's departure ... The enemy of "marijuana" caused the exodus of investors as the money was attracted to this sector. The unexpected resignation of Sessions is already boosting cannabis stocks and investments.

This proves that the US government is firmly committed to reforming the federal cannabis law. The plant badly labeled by the DEA, as a drug of Schedule 1 with heroin and LSD - will certainly also change sides ...

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