Michigan becomes the 10e State to legalize recreational use


Voters in Michigan just adopted Proposition 1, which legalizes cannabis use for adults

Technically, the 1 Proposal will take effect only towards the November 16, once the results of the election have been certified by the Secretary of State. But as of the coming into force of the law, adults of 21 years and older may consume and possess cannabis. Michigan becomes the 10e state to legalize the recreational use of cannabis.

A remarkable legalization in Michigan

As of November 16, the proposition 1 will be totally effective. Thus, adults (over 21 years) will be able to possess on them until 70 grams cannabis. In addition, individuals can store up to 284 grams at home, provided they are locked and secure.

Le Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act is remarkable among the other recreational legalizations. Because this law allows the cultivation of plants at home, and in good quantity ... Thus, the residents of more than 21 years can cultivate (with the permission of the owner) until 12 plants home (the most common standard being 4). However, the state imposes a duty of discretion, the plants should not be visible at street level and must be secured.

Beyond these regulations, farmers are free to cultivate - and harvest - as they please. However, person-to-person sales are not allowed. But, cannabis can however be free offered.

Distinction between recreational and medical use

In addition, Michigan makes a distinction between the recreational and medical use of cannabis. For example, medical clinics and caregivers are not allowed to sell recreational crops to recreational users. The distribution system for Michigan medical cannabis and the rules that govern it remain the same as before the November 6.

Medical production will be exclusively reserved for patients holding a card.

Michigan consumers will either have to plant their own crop or wait about a year for the state to create and issue licenses. And, if the state does not respect this deadline (ie November 2020) - municipalities will be able to regulate the issuance of permits themselves. In short, it will take a year, or maybe a little longer, for the cannabis industry to open.

Public places and private places

The law prohibits smoking or spreading cannabis in public places. But it remains to be seen how it will be interpreted regarding edible consumption (an infused cookie looks like a simple cookie).

Landowners have the right to prohibit the use of cannabis on their property. But they can not forbid consumption on the spot in edible forms; nor to discriminate in any other way from its use. In addition, the law gives municipalities the opportunity to create commercial areas for the consumption of cannabis, such as cigar lounges.

Road driving

Driving under the influence of cannabis is against the law. But we do not know exactly how this will be applied. Many screening tests only look for the presence of cannabis metabolites. Which is tantamount to testing drivers to make sure they drank two glasses of wine last week ...

Employers and consumers

Employers can legally prohibit employees from using cannabis during working hours. The law suggests that employers retain the right to hire and fire based on cannabis use. And no matter where and when it happens, as is currently the case for tobacco ... But legalization in Michigan seems to be an example of individual freedom and tolerance. Thus, it is largely possible that the legislation will relax again and again in the times to come ...

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