Israel: Driving under cannabis with medical license is allowed


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Health authorize conduct for patients with a prescription for medical cannabis, but ...

A settlement signed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and health minister Yaakov Litzman, signed by Israeli Prime Minister Yaakov Litzman, stipulates that patients treated with medical cannabis can drive a vehicle; after several hours have passed. However the police is protesting against, continuing to verbalize the drivers. Road safety proposes to the Ministry of Health to change regulations, now screening tests are approved in Israel ...

A world first for patients treated with medical cannabis

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and also the Minister of Health in Israel, signed regulations authorizing road driving for patients treated with medical cannabis. For the first time, and under certain conditions, patients are no longer considered criminals as soon as they touch a steering wheel ...

This resolution is based on the fact that cannabis stays over 3 weeks in the body; and that it is impossible to determine whether it is a risk for driving under the influence. However the condition is as follows, and seems quite realistic: patients (licensed) can drive a vehicle after 3 hours have elapsed (since their last use of cannabis).

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Benjamin Netanyahu and Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, resolution leaders allowing patients to drive.

However, despite this signed directive there is more than 6 months; Israeli police do not seem to be up to date ... The National Authority for Road Safety also opposes the proposal of the Ministry of Health.

New offer of road safety ...

Arrests and withdrawals continue. But it is now clear that lawyers and legal services rely on Netanyahu's paper. However, the police do not seem ready to accept this settlement; and opposes this measure by proposing that patients free travel on public transport.

Following this difference, the Ministry of Health will adjust the previous regulation, the amount of THC present in the body ... Apart from free transport, the proposal of this new amendment to the Highway Code will set the rate of THC to 5 nanograms per ml. For example, in Colorado, the limit is set at 15 nanograms per ml. This represents for very regular consumers, a rate far too low ...

The infamous "Draeger"(Draeger DrugTest 5000), effective in Canada, will soon be effective in Israel.

This very low rate of 5 nanograms per ml may correspond to more or less regular smokers who have not smoked since 2 weeks ... And this will not help patients undergoing medical treatment ...

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Ministry update, approved screening tests

The proposal was not long in coming, but remains unclear for medical cannabis patients. In fact, on Monday the deputies supported the law initiated by Minister Gilad Erdan and MP Eitan Cabel. Police are able to carry out screening tests on drivers ...

"A police officer can send the driver for urine and blood tests, even if the salivary test is negative", MK Eitan Cabel (Photo: Noam Rivkin)

It should be noted that the amendment ignores several important facts, including the fact that cannabis residues may remain in saliva for hours or even days after cannabis use - so that drivers who have not consumed cannabis before or while driving may also be found guilty. Moreover we know that cannabis is not dangerous driving.

In the end, the State of Israel will have to distinguish between the patient and the supposed criminal ... The law allowing the driving under medical license does exist. And, for now, it continues to defend patients with a medical license on the roads in Israel.

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