A job offer to travel and smoke grass


This Californian company will pay you thousands of dollars to travel and smoke grass

Californian company Heavy Hitters recently announced what could be the most incredible job opportunity ever. Pragmatically, the company hires people to travel to California, attend cannabis events and smoke grass. And, as a brand ambassador, you will be paid to do it.

An original job offer

According to one recent announcement from the company, Heavy Hitters is looking for a group of weed lovers to become the "ambassadors of Heavy Hitters Originals". Essentially, these ambassadors will represent the brand at events on cannabis and social media. Heavy Hitters plans to engage 20 ambassadors for this campaign. Each person hired for the position will be paid 1 200 $ per month. In addition, they will receive $ 500 in credit for Heavy Hitters products.

Heavy Hitters manufactures a range of THC cartridges. In addition, they only use ceramic cartridges instead of wicks. This results in a cleaner, smoother steam.

Similarly, Heavy Hitters claims that it uses a very efficient technique to manufacture its THC concentrates. Indeed, it is simply a matter of cold filtration. In the end, this high quality concentrate is super pure, with a high THC content. Of course, company ambassadors will have access to these products every month.

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In addition, Heavy Hitters Originals' ambassadors will have full access to cannabis events in California. The company will cover the cost of travel and more ... The Ambassador will have access to a line of branded clothing and new strains or any other product from cannabis. And finally, the ambassadors will have the chance to organize events in dispensaries all over California.

Obviously, the goal of all this is that the ambassadors represent the Heavy Hitters brand on the California market. So, if you're good at social media and like to travel, attend events and smoke grass, this could be a golden opportunity.

How to become an ambassador?

The key to becoming an ambassador is to showcase your social media skills, via a social media audition ... First, the company primarily looks for people with unique skills. And who are talented to showcase them ...

"We like people who have original skills - designing street clothes, a biker, BMX, dancing, tattoo artist, or any other talent ...," said the company in a statement.

All applicants must post a one-minute video on YouTube. In this video, you should talk about yourself and what makes you unique. In particular, you will need to highlight your love for grass and explain why you will make a good ambassador. Do not forget to check the requirements of this job offer ... And if you fail, do not forget that many new jobs (like the professional smokers) are currently available in countries where cannabis is legal.

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