Amazon invests in legalization


Amazon's Philanthropic Branch Invests in Cannabis Legalization, Supports NORML

The online megastore philanthropy branch, AmazonSmile, is currently organizing its annual fundraiser. This aggregates 5% of sales at the Amazon site. Thus, the benefit goes to various charities. One of these (non-profit) organizations, which benefits from the collection is NORML. The latter plays a key role in the legalization of cannabis, since the 70 years.

Amazon's philanthropic program supports NORML

At first, Amazon's philanthropic program is a rare commodity in the corporate world. Historically, Amazon has formalized in recent years new philanthropic initiatives. And, as his employees pushed the company to do more. According to a recent article Seattle Times, the philanthropic sector of Amazon has collected more than 100 million in the past five years for charities.

Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer.

One of the organizations that will inherit part of the collection ofAmazonSmile, is only the very famous and activist, NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). The non-profit organization has played a vital role in the legalization of cannabis nationally since 1970. They also help to bring justice to those unfairly convicted of cannabis possession crimes. This is because of mandatory minimum sentences ... NORML provides victims with information and gives them access to lawyers specializing in cannabis litigation.

"Hundreds of thousands of charities have been able to expand their work through the donations they received through AmazonSmile. And we want to thank customers who support important causes every time they shop. "Jeff Wilkes, CEO of Amazon Worldwide, said.

Among the personalities who have served on NORML's board of directors are icons of cannabis such as Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson and fire Hunter S. Thompson. In addition, the AmazonSmile initiative, allows consumers to allocate 0,5% of the purchase price of certain items donations to non-profit organizations (since 2013). To mark this milestone, Amazon says that until Friday, AmazonSmile will donate 5% of the purchase price of qualifying products.

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