The dabbing utensil, the best of the Dab Rig


The Dabbing: the best utensil to dabber, the Dag Rigs

Dabbing is not a recent discovery. Some used to heat a blank, two butter knives on the fire ... Then they placed scraped resin on the knives, until the heat produced the vapor to inhale ... Fortunately, today it is preferred to remove the concentrates. And, the market evolves rapidly, every two days, a new tool, a new technique or technology seems to make its appearance ... There are several candidates for the best dabbing devices in 2018. The best of the dab rig, will depend on the personal preferences, the concentrates used, the opinions and the budget of each one.

The dab rig, the main accessory of the dabbing

The necessary equipment for the dabbing are: a rig / bang / skillet, a torch, a nail (or nail) and a stick (or wand). The (dab) rig is the main accessory used for dabbing. A butane torch (hand held) is used to heat the nail; the nail holds in the (dab) rig and melts the concentrate ... Then the wand diffuses the concentrate and presses it against the nail. Here you are, get ready for a good dab, and get some a few tips beforehand. Dabbing involves the use of a concentrate such as wax or chips (shatter) and requires this special equipment.

The different concentrates of dabbing

But with so many types of waxes, oils, chips and other forms of concentrates or extractions of cannabis on the market, it is difficult to find the right dab rig. To do this, The Dab Lab lists some of the most common concentrates and recommended uses. To summarize a dabber will have to get used to forms of extractions, more or less rare:

Sap / Distillate

This distilled cannabis oil is usually very low in viscosity. This makes it liquid and viscous, especially when artificial terpenes are added to aromatize.

Pull and Snap / Taffy

As the name suggests, Pull and Snap, or Taffy, often looks a lot like Shatter, but due to the ambient temperature or another stage of cannabis oil treatment, it does not break down and becomes very Stringy, especially if you're not careful ... Instead, just use your dabbing tool to measure the size of the dab you want, then press down and quickly; and suddenly pull the dab off ...

Sugar Wax / Sauce

This hybrid consistency of flowing oil and large THC crystals can be a bit difficult to meter for yourself. Finally if you do not have the right tool to dabber. Since this type of cannabis oil is designed to be a rich experience in terpene and flavor, you will need to dabber at low temperatures.

Shatter (Shattered Shards)

The Shatter can be very handy. You can cut the ideal dose, then stab and dabber!

Wax (wax) / Crumble

Crumble or Wax is a much dryer form of dabs. Super popular until the Shatter era, the Crumble is now back in force for its ease of use. But also with its ability to capture and deliver the essence of the strain used to make the oil. Sometimes, when it is too dry or too friable, you have to crush smaller pieces in order to get a respectable dab.

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With lab tests that often come up between 99,5% and 99,9% pure THC, this crystalline form of concentrated cannabis is not a joke. However, this high rate of THC usually comes with a high price, so you do not want to waste a single grain of this sweet-tasting mince.

THC Diamonds

It's the new trend among concentrate lovers. We are not quite sure of the process of making these "gems". But, this type of concentrate is hard as a rock candy and is sometimes submerged in extra dull sap oil. Towards the end of the extraction process, the oil undergoes a separation of the THC (the diamond) and the Terps (the sap oil). It's an exceptional form of concentrate!

Dab rigs for regular strikes ...

To get rid of all these concentrates, you have to determine the quality of a dabbing machine. Thus, we must see what type of air trajectory it is, the glass of which it is made, the design of the nail and the percolator. In addition, airpath is responsible for sensation and taste. And, no matter the size of the bang, the routing must be narrow and tight ...

The glass of which the bang is made must be durable and must withstand high temperatures. However, the last thing you want is for your bang to break because of the heat ... which can cause injury, and loss of money ... So the high quality glass will not compromise the flavor of your vape. This by collecting the residues after each application.

The best glass is the borosilicate : a heat-resistant medical grade glass.

The type of nail with which a dab is delivered is compatible; it helps to access a good experience, or you will break it ... The nail has a direct impact on the strength, smoothness and flavor of the hit (dab). The nail is usually made of glass, quartz, titanium or ceramic.

Titanium (Ti) nails have existed since the beginning of dabbing. They offer virtually unmatched consistency and durability.

Finally, the percolator is responsible for the filtration of water. This will cool and hydrate the steam just before it is inhaled into the lungs. The best percolators will have the ability to produce finer bubbles. These improve the hydration of the steam. However, there are many types of percolators; but it is all of these elements that determines the efficiency of the design of a good dab rig. In 2018, we find mainly the following:

Grav Labs 7 "Two-Layer Circuit

The smoke is softened and cooled by the water jet percolator when it rushes around both layers, creating a small whirlpool. The two-layer filtration system is created by stacking two chambers.

Grav Labs 7 "Two-Layer Circuit.

This allows the water to circulate continuously while it is being smoked. This strongly filters the smoke, keeping it cool all the time. This dab rig is made of glass and has a borosilicate tube that allows daily use thanks to its high heat tolerance. The mouthpiece is squeezed and attached to a curved elbow.

Jade east

This is another example of a dab rig, but that might well surprise by its small size ... Following the classic style, the Jade East has a straight tube (with a spilled end) that is opens in a large water chamber. It's built with a waterproof design, which can increase flavor and smacking ... Its design helps sending steam straight into your lungs to keep you strong.

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Jade east

Thanks to its long, narrow neck, the steam has time to cool before reaching the lungs. The percolator moisturizes and filters each impact correctly ... This is an ideal dab for travel.

Nexus Nano Puck Rig

Nexus Nano Puck Rig

The Nexus Nano Puck Rig is part of a long line of popular dabbing devices, especially in Southern California. Each unit is blown and sanded by hand for optimal results. It also means that the measurements may vary slightly ... The bang is made with German 5mm Schott Glass of thickness. Note that the folded neck offers the user a good distance during the dabbing (avoiding overheating of the mouth ...). This portable dag rig is built with a four-hole, diffuse, fixed-rod percolator.

Hyer Big-E

The Hyer Big-E is one of the top-of-the-line dabbing machines on the market. It is very different from other dab rigs. Because it does not require the use of a torch. So, attach a flat-bottomed glass bong, and it will reach optimal temperatures in 90 seconds. Each session can be customized to a temperature between 320 and 852 degrees for the best power and flavor.

Hyer Big-E

The heating element of 30 watts consists of ceramics; it is delivered with quartz glass nails. Without combustion, the heating element provides rich and creamy flavors for every dab. The use does not leave any solid residues. This makes cleaning easier and provides smoother strokesâ € |

Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship

Snoop Dogg Pounds is another well known line. With a height of 15 cm, this winch with dabs offers a tight air trajectory. Which gives more flavor, and powerful strikes. In addition, it is ideally used for waxes.

Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship

Snoop Dogg Pounds is borosilicate. Which gives it a thick construction. In addition, it contains a tip (nozzle) and a curved collar for easier use. The percolator is equipped with grid slots whose role is to spread the smoke finely. In addition, it also provides the user with less inhalation stress during a deeper dab. The whole is made of pure quartz, which helps preserve all the flavor of the concentrates.

Dab Rigs vs Vape Pen

If you are looking for a different solution to traditional smoke, consider investing in a high quality dabbing machine. The steam they produce makes them similar to those of vape pensbut you will obviously get a more powerful shot. In addition, these dab rigs are similar to bongs in many ways, but they offer you a much cleaner experience.

By far the most popular and easiest method for to consume wax, the vaping. There are many types of wax spraying pens (wax).

In the last two years, a growing number of scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of medical cannabis, particularly cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. While the process of smoking dry herbs through seals, bongs and so on. is still popular, a growing number of people are now looking for even better ways to enjoy the plant. However, spraying is now the big revolution, but the dabbing is not far behind.

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