Medical cannabis available in Northern Ireland


Cannabis-based drugs will be available in Northern Ireland, and in the rest of the UK from today.

Medical cannabis can only be obtained if it is prescribed by a specialized hospital doctor. And only for patients with "unmet clinical need" ... This initiative follows a highly publicized campaign to ease the regulation of cannabis for medical use. Today its access is available in Northern Ireland, and in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Legalization of medical cannabis in Northern Ireland

Earlier this year, Billy Caldwell, 13 years old, Castlederg, Co Tyrone, made the headlines. This is one of the first patients to have received the attention of the country. Indeed, Billy's media coverage begins when his medicinal cannabis was confiscated by the UK Home Office ... In addition, Billy was returning from a trip to Canada to get access to this drug ...

Billy suffers from a severe form of epilepsy. Her mother Charlotte says cannabis-based medicinal products help relieve her symptoms.

Fortunately, the UK Ministry of the Interior granted him a short-term license. So, Belfast Health Trust (Belfast Health and Social Services) was licensed to administer Billy's cannabis oil to Royal Victoria Hospital. Then, Billy was given permission to receive the drug at his home in Castlederg. And, today, Billy will continue to be treated with medical cannabis and legally, in Northern Ireland.

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At the beginning of October, the British Minister of the Interior, Sajid Javid, announced a decision to reprogram medical products; thus relaxing the rules and circumstances in which patients can be administered with medical cannabis. In addition, the study commissioned specially by the state, to promote the legalization of medical cannabis in the United Kingdom.

Ms. Caldwell said that she cried tears of joy following this decision:

"What started as a trip for me as a mom to help my little boy became something much bigger."

The legalization of medical cannabis effective throughout the UK

Starting todayacross the UK, cannabis medications can be prescribed by medical specialists. Indeed, Health Minister Simon Harris said Ireland currently has a licensing system for medicinal cannabis.

"This allows any consultant to apply to the Minister for a license to prescribe cannabis. If he believes that it can be beneficial for the patient. "

Mr. Harris asked HPRA to undertake a review of the 2017 policy. In the end, and following their advice, the government has developed an access program for patients with certain diseases for which other treatments have failed ...

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