PPP001 the first pharmaceutical pills approved by Health Canada


Health Canada is in the process of registering the first (dried) cannabis pill. PPP001 is manufactured in Moncton by a pharmacist, in collaboration with Tétra Bio-Pharma

A first cannabis pill approved by Health Canada will soon be on the market. This new drug comes from the collaboration of a pharmacist and Tétra Bio-Pharma is in the process of being approved. This pill is a first in the pharmaceutical market, it will be very different from what is currently and will be more easily prescriptible.

The cannabis pill (dried)

Currently the only pharmaceutical drug (non-synthetic cannabis based) distributed (even in France) is Sativex. Other drugs from synthetic THC have emerged, but the PPP001 pill will have the merit of being natural, and based on dried cannabis. This achievement is a tribute to pharmacist Peter Ford of Moncton, who collaborated with the publicly traded pharmaceutical company Tétra Bio-Pharma.

Peter Ford in his pharmacy on St. George Street. Photo: Radio-Canada / Nicolas Steinbach

Pharmacist Peter Ford has been making drugs since 35 years in his small laboratory on St. George Street in Moncton. And for a year and a half, he has embarked on a brand new adventure, namely making the first pill entirely made of dried cannabis.

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I did my doctoral thesis on cannabis and I realized that it was a remarkable productexplains the apothecary.

PPP001 relieves chronic pain

The drug PPP001, will primarily serve to relieve chronic pain and terminally ill cancer patients. Its specificity is found in the purity of the cannabis used. Which means that it is made without any additives. If we take a closer look, the pill contains 9,5% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) et 2,5% cannabidiol (CBD)

I have 80 years old patients who are now talking about CBD, THC and it's really something I have never seen in my life as a pharmacist.

In addition, the PPP001 pill may replace opioid treatment, such as fentanyl. He will avoid all the inconvenients opiate treatment, such as respiratory depression, and overdoses ... Patients will have a better quality of life, according to Guy Chamberland, the director and chief scientist of
Guy Chamberland, Chief Scientific Officer of Tetra Bio-Pharma. Photo: Radio-Canada

A medicine distributed in Europe?

But Health Canada does not consider cannabis for medical purposes as a drug ... However, Tetra Bio-Pharma wants its pill to go the final step that will allow it to be prescribed by doctors.

We want to have a Drug Identification Number from Health Canada. This number allows patients to get reimbursed by insurance, because recreational cannabis is notadds Ford. In addition, everyone can get this drug, as it will be prescribed. In addition, it will not only be reserved for adults.

If the process goes well, the PPP001 could be marketed by the end of the year. The pill is currently undergoing the final phase of clinical trials and is awaiting approval by Health Canada. If fully approved, it will be manufactured in Peter Ford's laboratory (in the basement of his pharmacy). Pharmacist Peter Ford and Tetra Bio-Pharma hope to sell the drug in Canada, but also in the United States and Europe.
The cannabis used for the drug comes from, among others, Ontario-based producer Aphria. Photo: Radio-Canada / Nicolas Pham

The PPP001 product is scrutinized. In fact, cannabis is inspected in greenhouses, then again by Tetra Bio-Pharma and an independent inspector. In addition, it contains no trace of pesticide or toxin.

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