Kerri Parker uses self-medication against her brain tumors


Resident in the UK, former Playboy Pin-Up and former Miss UK Kerri Parker uses cannabis oil to treat her brain tumors after refusing chemotherapy

Kerri Parker, former Playboy and Miss UK muse, has refused chemotherapy and fights brain cancer and her brain tumors with cannabis oil. In the past, she was at risk of heavy convictions in the United Kingdom. But today the medical use of cannabis is legal in the country, Kerri at all chances to continue his treatment with confidence.

The choice of self-medication

In 2013, Parker underwent surgery to treat two types of brain tumors. Although these surgeries seemed effective at the time, Ms. Parker was advised that a tumor had again been detected in her brain. Since, Kerri parker uses cannabis concentrates in hopes of treating her cancer.

His battle comes more than four years after the surgeons removed a tumor that has strangely changed his personality ...

She chose cannabis oil, rather than dealing with 12 strenuous chemotherapy series. The beauty queen was facing a potential five-year jail term or an unlimited fine for consuming THC ...

"I do not want my hair to go down because of chemotherapy or my face being burned by radiation. I train every day, I run a model academy and a nutrition company; and I do not want cancer to affect all that. "

The use of medical cannabis is now legal in the United Kingdom, formerly Kerri imported it from Spain. She expected a barrage of criticism from her friends, but she added:

"Not one person said I made the wrong decision. My family supports me. Mom told me from the first day that she did not want me to do chemo. She firmly believes that we can beat this cancer ourselves. "

From CBD oil to THC oil

Kerri had already been taking CBD oil for six months in hopes of preventing the return of cancer. She took oil with a high percentage of THC for a fortnight in self-medication, and felt some side effects ...

"I was taking CBD oil as a preventative and it may have slowed down the cancer, who knows. Now that I take THC oil, I feel bad. It lowers my already very low blood pressure and I have fog in the brain, dizziness, a decrease in the sympathetic nervous system, weakness and an increase in heart rate - normal symptoms, I was told . "I pray that my body will adapt because I have to increase my daily dose close to 10 times if I want to get rid of cancer."

Before cancer, Kerri led a glamorous lifestyle. She posed for Playboy, and lived the high life at Hugh Hefner's mansion in Los Angeles. She has also been lining up for Megan Fox and has won a lot of beauty titles - including versions of Miss UK. But cancer has wreaked havoc in her life. In 2014, she became very introverted.

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"I would rather feel like that with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It's my only hope of survival. "Kerri Parker

The doctors said she was suffering from bizarre mental side effects that can affect patients who have had brain surgery. The results of the scans came later clearly after the cannabis oil treatment. In conclusion, his confident personality has returned, and Kerri is leading a new life. Medical cannabis is finally allowed in the UK, Kerri Parker will no longer have to worry about any repression.

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