Dangers of spraying toxics and drugs on cannabis


Recognize a real grass, a grass that is sprayed with toxic and drug sprays ...

In the cannabis world, especially on the black market, unscrupulous dealers produce trafficked grass, which gives the illusion of better quality. Using the technique of spraying various chemicals, the grass in question will become unfit for consumption. The chemicals, the drugs, see the contaminants used are toxic and create very undesirable effects. Learn to distinguish a real grass, an herb creating illusion ...

Signs of a tainted grass

It can be almost impossible to determine if cannabis is mixed with a drug or other substance. Different cannabis strains have different colors. They also have different smells and tastes ... But the color of the tainted grass is obviously suspect. The pungent odor emanates from it, it is the harbinger of a contaminated grass (or pulverized).

Colorado chemical labs report that the presence of contaminants in legal cannabis is not obvious to the naked eye. This is reported by a press release from theAmerican Chemical Society in 2015. The tests reveal the presence of fungi, butane and other contaminants in cannabis that seemed normal ... But what is the point of selling a herb that creates disease or illusion?

Why is the herb mixed with other substances?

Most traffickers do not skimp with marijuana, mixing it with hard drugs like methamphetamine or heroin. The purpose of the maneuver? Addiction ... Cocaine, heroin, make a smoker smother, without him, no doubt.

The main attraction of trafficking, poisoning a grass is financial ...

Legal dealers are also likely to traffic grass with cheap substances to scam customers. They can be mixed with detergent, perfumes or tiny shards of glass to enhance the smell, increase the weight or give the impression that the weed is stronger. But also, for some certain cases, they will use ethanol, to create a grass according to the European laws ...

Most of the time, people who consume black market grass are more likely to come across trafficked cannabis, according to the Center for Substance Abuse Research. The herb can be mixed with PCP or LSD to enhance hallucinatory effects. Cannabis cigarettes are also dipped in embalming liquid for the same purpose. Marijuana can be mixed with other psychoactive drugs to produce various psychoactive effects, but also with various toxic contaminants to give the illusion of a better herb:

Lead or other heavy metals

A recent article on reports that the potency of THC in marijuana marketed today is extremely high compared to that available in the 1970 and 1980 years. In addition, attempts to extract more THC to make more powerful edible products result in the addition of potentially dangerous compounds such as butane.

Check your state's regulations for dangerous heavy metal concentrations such as cadmium (Cd), arsenic (As), lead (Pb) and mercury (Hg).

In addition, recent soil and substrate analyzes used to grow cannabis plants in states where it is legal indicate that the plants draw heavy metals into the soil. Attempts to develop more potent THC cannabis products also result in greater amounts of heavy metals and pesticides in the product.


There are analysis reports, herbs containing glass. Obviously, this situation can pose a significant risk to the health of people, even those manufacturing this style of product ... We find this unfortunate trick in cannabis smoking, but also in the edible.

Spectacular trichomes, glass ...

If we suspect the presence of glass in a cannabis bud, we can test it by rubbing it on a CD. The glass will scratch the CD, while the unaltered marijuana should not scratch a CD ...

Mushrooms and bacteria

An article by also reports that in many cases, even legal cannabis marketed in states like Colorado, has a high number of fungi and bacteria. Which can be potentially dangerous ...

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The weed with mushrooms, or moldy mold; results from an involuntary act and a notorious incompetence in agriculture.

The mushrooms on a grass, tells us that the standards of culture, storage and marketing remain relatively undefined ...


PCP is a dangerous hallucinogenic dissociative drug. It is added to marijuana to produce a product with psychoactive effects stronger or more varied. According to a number of reports, this occurred in situations where individuals did not know that their cannabis had been modified. But it seems that in the majority of cases, individuals who illegally sell this combination do so without trying to hide it.

PCP, or angel dust, may be in the form of white powder or crystals, capsules, tablets or liquid.

PCP added to marijuana can lead to a number of potential deleterious effects. Including significant problems of hallucinations, delusions, confusion, aggression, suicidal behavior, convulsions, respiratory problems ... In other words, this combination develops serious neurological disorders.


People who smoke this substance become extremely lethargic and relaxed. They can develop potentially serious symptoms, such as reduced respiratory rate, heart rate, and confusion.

The herb is actually used to cure weaning, addiction and heroin overdoses ...

Obviously, heroin is a potentially dangerous drug. This substance becomes deadly when it is consumed in excessive amounts. People who do not use drugs regularly have a much lower tolerance than those who consume them regularly. This can increase the risk of overdose or other serious problems.

Embalming liquid

Some reports indicate that marijuana has been mixed with embalming fluid (formaldehyde) in order to produce specific psychoactive effects. For example, to give the impression that the grass is more powerful than it is.

The embalming liquid, is essentially a mixture of formaldehyde, methanol and ethanol, is used more as a solvent for the dissolution of PCP ...

Obviously, this is a potentially dangerous situation that can lead to serious cognitive impairment. Like memory loss due to neurological damage and even life-threatening effects.

Cocaine and crack

The mixture of marijuana with cocaine (including crack) is often made to produce a unique set of psychoactive effects that include the stimulating effects of cocaine, combined with the sedative effects of marijuana. Often, individuals mix drugs for their own use. Marijuana is not commonly sold already mixed with cocaine. However, there are scattered reports that indicate that this has happened.

Cannabis fights the toxicity of cocaine ... The mixture is just as dubious as that with heroin.

People who smoke marijuana without knowing that it is mixed with cocaine can develop a number of negative emotional reactions. This is because of the unexpected effects of the use of this drug ... In addition, cocaine is a potentially dangerous drug, which can itself cause a number of adverse physical and psychological effects in people who consume it regularly, such as the development of hallucinations, paranoia, seizures, cardiovascular problems, etc.

Laundry Detergent:

Mixing marijuana with laundry detergent seems to improve its odor and overall appearance, so it looks better ...

Smoking marijuana mixed with laundry detergent can simply make you ill and cause serious complications.


LSD is a powerful hallucinogen that produces very potent effects at very low doses. Mixing marijuana with LSD and then smoking it will probably not have any serious effects. Because the LSD associated with the heat will be destroyed. However, it seems that sometimes people dab the end of the marijuana cigarette in order to place the LSD on the edge of the lips ... The assimilation of the substance in the body is immediate, and develops powerful hallucinogenic effects.

In addition, LSD is completely odorless ...

It should be understood that LSD is an extremely potent substance and that very small amounts of LSD produce hallucinogenic effects that can last up to 10-12 hours. Although LSD is not generally considered to have serious and significant physical consequences, people who do not know they are taking LSD are at risk for serious and emotionally disturbing "Bad Trips". This can lead to potentially serious consequences due to accidents.

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In some cases, marijuana has been mixed with a powerful stimulant, methamphetamine (crystal meth). It can produce extremely powerful effects, including confusion, hallucinations, delusions and potential crises.

Methamphetamine is chemically related to amphetamine. But its effects persist on some brain systems, last longer and are more toxic.

Diesel gas

Some dealers will try to change the smell of their weed by spraying it with diesel. It is a wasteful attempt to create this very diesel smell which is the characteristic of certain strains, such as Sour Diesel ou NYC Diesel.

If you know a diesel strain, you will certainly recognize the difference between the smell of the stump, and the smell of the gas pump ...

Hair spray

Alternatively, we powder the cannabis with glass, as already seen. This gives the buyer the illusion that the buds are covered with sticky trichomes. Sometimes we also use hairspray to create this effect.

Grass, lacquered ...


According to the verification agency Snopes, reports on marijuana sprayed with fentanyl, a deadly opioid, is an urban legend ...

Fentanyl, the drug that makes you addicted and kills ...

However, in the United States, Fentanyl is used extensively. The result is the famous opioid crisis that ravages the Americans. The combination with the grass is only fortuitous.


Stranger, grass sprayed with ethanol would tend to comply with European standards, reducing the rate of THC ... This technique is found mainly in herbs rich in CBD, for legal and European production ...

Some general effects of the trafficked marijuana

Stimulants added to marijuana will have stimulating effects ... Central nervous system depressants added to marijuana will produce significant feelings of sedation and lethargy ... Hallucinogenic drugs added to marijuana will result in hallucinations and delusions, etc.

The actual grass can not create a "very bad trip" ...

In addition to these substance-specific effects, there are also some general side effects that can occur when using marijuana mixed with other substances. These more general effects include:

  • Consume marijuana and feel no psychoactive effect as a result of significant additions of inert plant matter, or ethanol ...
  • Feel unusual feelings of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or other signs of illness.
  • Difficulty breathing, dizziness, lightheadedness, or feeling that things are not real.
  • Significant changes in heart rate or blood pressure
  • Unusual sleeplessness, loss of appetite, nervousness or unusual agitation or extreme irritability.
  • Psychotic effects, including hallucinations, delusions and marked confusion or disorientation.

Precautions to take

The majority of people who use marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes do not expect to use marijuana mixed with another psychoactive substance. Of course, whenever a mixture of various psychoactive substances is used, the practice can have a number of different effects, many of which can be potentially dangerous.

First precaution, avoid suspicious dealers ...

People who are unaware of what they are consuming are prone to serious emotional problems. This is because of the potential interaction of THC with other substances.

  • Never buy ground marijuana.
  • Never buy marijuana from someone who does not want the substance to be inspected by a potential buyer.
  • Thoroughly inspect the products before buying them.
  • Do not buy marijuana that looks or feels weird. For example, marijuana that smells of fuel may contain added substances, such as butane or other chemicals.
  • Do not buy marijuana that seems to contain unusual substances or is extremely bright.
  • People who use marijuana for medicinal purposes should only buy the product from reputable dealers.
  • Do not be afraid to throw marijuana that is suspicious.
  • If possible, have the substance tested.


We will find this kind of grass trafficked and sprayed with chemicals, and toxic in places where cannabis is illegal. This is another reason to encourage states to legalize or decriminalize cannabis. We can negotiate, and get a better quality herb, adapted to our needs in states where cannabis is legal.

Unfortunately, the only way to know 100% if you are wrong is to consume (smoke) the grass in question. The connoisseur of cannabis will make the difference, with a real grass and will end with the illusion ...

A secretly trafficked grass could destroy the dealer's reputation. Spraying the grass with chemicals or the like, is just not commercial and ruins the image of cannabis.

Hazards of drugs associated with cannabis

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