Disaster and total loss of a crop at Canopy Growht


Canopy Growth may have lost all of its harvest at its facility in Aldergrove, BC just a few days ago ...

The rumor ignites the Net, and could show the world what is happening behind the curtain at Canopy Growth. A video of rather short duration expresses all the drama of a notorious incompetence at the Canadian leader. Their installation of Aldergrove would have suffered a total loss of harvest, which represents more than 15 tonnes of cannabis destroyed ...

Crop failure at the Aldergrove production plant

Yesterday, the destructive buzz to ignite the Net, BC Tweed's production plant experienced a total crop loss, a total of 15 tons of cannabis lost. This news was accompanied by images and videos. But, leaders of Canopy Growth seem to play the rumor, probably not to scare their shareholders:

"Processing permissions have been delayed due to infrastructure and regulatory approvals. This led to the destruction of a number of plants ... It is not considered that this event represents a significant impact on the balance sheet of the company ".

It would not be so alarming if Canopy Growth had not paid half a billion dollars for this facility a little over a year ago ... But the most serious thing is that some people say it's not not the first time that the Algiersgrove plant has slight worries with its harvest ... Indeed, according to some sources Canopy managed to keep secret their incompetence. Which again shows a lack of transparency.

BC Tweed, the largest licensed cannabis greenhouse in the world ...

What happened to the harvest?

Many theories circulate on the Internet to try to explain what happened. Canopy Growth sticks to Press release that they did yesterday, saying that this is only a minor problem ... Because they expected to receive the treatment license, but did not have it ... That's why they decided to stop immediately the crop, and let the whole crop dry at that time ... The company confirms that it now has the authorization required to transform future crops, in the same facility ....

The magnitude of the disaster ... No green on the horizon ...

On the other hand, cannabiculturists are beginning to theorize about what happened. Here are some of the suggestions:

  • One theory suggests that the whole plant has been infected with botrytis.
  • According to another theory, these improvement works were carried out so quickly and so badly that the installation was filled with pathogens, molds, etc.
  • Some people think that the whole crop was infected with fungi, so they did not want to turn it into another establishment.
  • Various theories claim that the failure is due to over-fertilization or copper sulphate, lack of environmental control and inadequate airflow.

But it is largely possible that things are so, because of the lack of regulatory approvals. But also because they were not quite aware of the magnitude of the losses suffered ... It may be suggested that Canopy Growth had its plants burst on the spot, and since this is not the first time ... It is long time the mega company takes a small setback, for its image so professional ...

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