Tilray will export cannabis for research in the United States


As part of future research in the United States, Canadian company Tilray obtains authorization from DEA for the export of its cannabis

This is a first on the American territory. Until today, only one company was allowed to grow cannabis for research purposes in the United States. And this for decades ... But, at the request of scientists, the DEA allows Tilray, the export of its cannabis from Canada.

Tilray receives green light from DEA

Tilray became the first Canadian cannabis company to receive the green light from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to export medical cannabis to the United States. In addition, this cannabis will be used for research purposes in a clinical trial.

Tilray employees cut cannabis. (Photo courtesy of Tilray)

This decision marks a milestone for cannabis research in the United States. Currently, the only cannabis for research is grown on a farm at the University of Mississippi, operated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) ...

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A better offer than NIDA

NIDA's monopoly on research (on cannabis) has lasted more than four decades. In addition, the NIDA is strongly criticized by researchers, because of the poor quality of its production. Indeed, this culture has a low THC level, and poorly balanced in CBD ... which can infringe on medical research. In 2016, the DEA announced more cannabis growers for US research. But the admission process was stalled until today.

An employee of Tilray examines cannabis under the microscope. (Photo by HA Photography)

On October 17, Canada will launch its new law on legal cannabis to become the second country in the world to offer recreational cannabis for adults. As a result, Authorized Producers (PPLs) for possible export will produce cannabis that meets Health Canada standards. Which makes it eligible for laboratory tests, or for clinical trials. In addition, this allows scientists to ensure that the cannabis produced by these companies is free of contaminants. And, patients can be sure of its contents (that is, percentages of THC and CBD).

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Essential Tremor Research

Tilray will export capsules containing CBD and THC to the United States. Thus, they will be used in a trial on the efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of adults with neurological disorders that cause involuntary shocks in certain parts of the body (essential tremor).

Essential Tremor Disorder is different from Parkinson's Disease.

This clinical research will be led by Dr. Catherine Jacobson, director of research at Tilray, and conducted in the state of California. Tilray and the International Essential Tremor Foundation are helping to fund this study, which will be conducted on 16 patients with essential tremor. The research should start in 2019 and last about a year.

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