Avoiding tiredness and low morale in the fall


Counteract the effects of the beautiful autumn, which, however, contribute to a decrease in energy and morale

Autumn is a season appreciated for its beautiful colors and its refreshment. But this period is synonymous with lower morale and energy ... The days provide a dimmer light, the temperature goes down and we are less likely to go outside ... A kind of apathy sets in despite us , our internal clock is preparing for winter ... You want to give a boost to your resolutions and avoid this moral decline? And this improving your health this fall? Here's what you can do with cannabis.

Seasonal depression

La seasonal depression is one of the forms of depressive disorders. It is a moral decline that takes place in the fall or early winter and lasts until spring. The symptoms are those of any depressive episode, and it results in an obvious lack of energy ...

  • Permanent sadness and depressed mood
  • Loss of interest
  • Intense tiredness and unresolved by sleep

We will notice in this kind of decrease of diet, an increase of the appetite, and a faculty with hypersomnia which gets bigger until the winter ... It is not a chance if the month of autumn attracts us by its sweets, and that all tend to get fatter as the winter months approach. This results in an accentuation of sadness at the end of the day.

The exact cause of seasonal depression is not known, apart from decreasing the intensity of sunlight. In addition, this disorder affects women more often, in 75% of those affected.

To counter the inconvenience, you need sun and have the motivation to go outside. See the desire to practice physical exercise, and be comfortable in communicating with others. All that cannabis can offer you in short.

Fitness this fall

The sun influences the weather and blooms, it also influences our circadian rhythm (or the internal clock) and that of most living things, like the cannabis plant ... Ready for harvest, the plant can boost your biological rhythm . And even if you consume it moderately. Sleep more, exercise, and add some marijuana to your diet. You already know that research shows that cannabis offers a wide range of health benefits, reducing anxiety and stress, even if you consume it moderately.

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The ideal sport practice in autumn, with CBD ...

The plant is the perfect combination, to reboost your metabolism, during physical exercise, to control your diet, calm your anxiety and end alcohol, which also results from a harvest period ... Here is a an overview of how cannabis can help you move to a healthier lifestyle, starting this fall.


You've probably heard about cravings. according to Researchersit's not fiction but facts. And it's not necessarily a bad thing. These university neuroscientists have discovered that cannabis has an influence on the olfactory bulb in your brain.

Which increases your sensitivity to tastes and odors.

As a result, you may feel an increase in your appetite. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to increase your muscle mass during an exercise. However, if you are trying to lose weight, or establish a good diet, cannabis can also help you. There is a link between staying slim and marijuana consumptiona. According to the study, 22% of smokers who did not use cannabis were found to be obese compared to 14% of those who smoked cannabis. With this type of study, scientists are discovering more and more how cannabis really is a super-plant when it comes to your diet.


If exercise is on the agenda this fall, cannabis can help you in this area as well. More specifically, a variant of cannabis called c tends to provide the user a euphoric sensation and more energy during a sporting exercise.

Especially during a running at the CBD ...

What does this mean to you ? It means more physical and mental motivation to leave your couch and finally start this exercise regime.

Bet on the colors offered by cannabis

The colors of autumn are beautiful in itself, but why the majority of people parade with a black coat, gray or brown ... Cannabis colors your habits, beautiful colors can satisfy your mood.

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The weed has a whole palette of colors, and when we know that 93% of its consumers trust it to have fun .... Make sure you wear beautiful shades. ????

To keep the smile, opt for colors that will recall the bright colors of cannabis, red, orange, or any other color eccentric landscape will help fight the nascent melancholy ...

Limit your alcohol consumption

If you are like many alcohol drinkers, you realize that you need to reduce your alcohol intake to lead a healthier life. In fact, this may become another of your resolutions.

Did you know that cannabis products can help you?

Alcohol consumption has a way of relieving stress. But it also has several undesirable consequences, such as loss of control, upset stomach and hangover. However, while alcohol can help you escape your senses, cannabis can help you appreciate your senses more than ever before. In fact, you may feel creative, more social, and even more motivated to take care of yourself in the long run.

Fight against anxiety and stress

If you fight againstanxiety and stress, cannabis can quickly become your salvation. Maybe you need to relax your mind after a long day of work or even relax your body after an intense workout. A cannabis strain with Indica dominance generally gives consumers the feeling of relaxation and calm that you seek, in case of stress or anxiety more or less minor.

In addition to cannabis use, kratom

Le kratom Red vein is another cure for anxiety and stress, many use as a natural alternative to prescription sleeping pills and anxiolytic drugs. This product is harvested from Indonesian forest plants and is available in powder form so you can easily include it in your meals for immediate effect.

Consider incorporating cannabis into your diet before or after exercise, "be healthy" this fall

After decades of struggling to overcome negative stereotypes, scientists around the world are beginning to discover that the very substance that was thought to be harmful can actually help the body and mind in many ways.

For your well-being and your health

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