Cannabis users have a "noisy brain"


Cannabis users have increased cortical activation at rest (or sleep) compared to non-users

Cannabis users have a "noisy brain" (increased cortical activation), according to new research. A noisy brain is when you can not suppress the flow of thoughts. What prevents the brain from resting during sleep ... Does cannabis interfere with the cognitive processes of our mind?

Increased cortical activation during the resting state

This is the question currently being asked by researchers at the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas. Thesurvey shows that cannabis users experience increased cortical activation during the resting state of the brain compared to non-users. This results in a "noisy brain", or the disruption of cognitive processes, according to the researchers.

Dr. Shikha Prashad, lead author of the study and research scientist at the Center for BrainHealth, says the study is the first to characterize global cortical activation and inter and intra-hemispheric functional connectivity during consumers' resting state. cannabis. Researchers collected electroencephalogram (EEG) data from 38 participants divided into two groups: 17 cannabis users and 21 non-users.

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Scientists measured brain wave synchronization to evaluate the strength of brain signals in different cortical regions.

The results showed that cannabis users showed increased activation of most different types of brain waves, compared to non-consumers. Similar results have been obtained in other studies of heroin addicts, alcoholics and cocaine addicts.

Changes in communication between cortical areas of the brain may also be related to cognitive disorders related to cannabis use. According to Mr. Prashad, this could mean that participants had difficulty inhibit neuronal activity. This would force them to exert more effort when they try to stop the flow of thoughts during the rest phase ...

Cannabis and sleep

The question of whether or not cannabis promotes sleep does require research on a larger scale. But, current studies on cannabis and sleep are often contradictory ...

A study in 2016 found that daily cannabis use had a negative impact on sleep quality. Notably, among young adults who had not reported sleep disorders ... Meanwhile, another study using rodents revealed that CBD could induce a deeper sleep state.

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But an earlier study in humans showed that CBD produced a more pronounced state of alert; while THC acted as a sedative. Much of the current research that supports cannabis as a sleep aid is anecdotal. Including high-level strains of CBN that could help for a softer sleep. In addition, medical cannabis is usable for all three types ofSleep Apnea - that caused by obstruction, that caused by brain function and that caused by both.

In short, the results of this new study could contribute to the understanding of cognitive disorders. However, BrainHealth finally concludes that more studies are needed ...

Medical cannabis in neuroscience

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