ANSM launches into the evaluation of therapeutic cannabis


At the request of patients and doctors, the ANSM promises to study therapeutic cannabis as of this October

The National Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) is embarking on the evaluation of possible cannabis treatments. Already authorized in 30 country, medical cannabis will be studied more seriously by the French organization. And this, at the request of patients, but also doctors.

National Agency for Drug Safety

The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) was created by the law of 29 December 2011 on strengthening the safety of medicines and health products. It is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. And, it must meet the demands of the public, especially on issues surrounding medical cannabis.

In France, cannabis in pharmacy is summarized by Sativex, in the fight against multiple sclerosis. But the drug is expensive, and does not meet the range of diseases that cannabis could treat. As for the other two drugs (Marinol andEpidiolex...), the doctor must obtain a special (ATU) and temporary exemption from the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines ... This justifies the lack of medical means, or other alternative ...

Patients and doctors for natural cannabis

Despite these 3 drugs, cannabis remains taboo in France. In addition, these synthetic products do not meet the real therapeutic needs of patients, and already in terms of accessibility ... The public wants cannabis in its most natural form!

"By refusing to allow the prescription of natural cannabis, especially flowers, we give up the effect of synergy between cannabidiol and other active ingredients of the plant, adds Dr. Olivier Bertrand, member of the association norml. France deprives patients of these advances by wanting to go through the drug factory at all costs. "

Patients and doctors asserting their right to citizenship have made a formal request to the administration, so that finally the subject of therapeutic cannabis is studied in France.

What made the audience was heard, France Info we report, that from October, the National Agency for Drug Safety will study what is therapeutic cannabis.

"This is a real demand from patients, it is also a real demand for doctors who wish to develop this therapeutic use of cannabis," said France Info Nathalie Richard, from the French Medicines Agency.

The committee selected by the ANSM will have until December to evaluate the medical use of cannabis, especially in the case of chronic pain.

Pending the decision, remember that the issue of the debate on medical cannabis is crucial. France shows a consequent delay on medicine from cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. If acclaimed by the ANSM, it could well be that the country is entering the era of medical cannabis.

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ANSM launches into the evaluation of therapeutic cannabis
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