Ginseng to reduce the effect of THC


American Ginseng, reduces the discomfort of THC, when High too high

What to do when the effect of cannabis is too much, when it causes confusion and discomfort? In addition to a list of common "remedies", a new patent filed in the United States alleges that the active ingredient in American ginseng, falcarinol, may be the most effective solution against the negative effects of THC ...

A plant that reduces the negative effects of THC

When consuming too much THC, psychoactive cannabis, side effects can occur as panic attacks, paranoia, rapid heartbeat and choking sensation - it has happened, it happens and it will happen. One way to overcome these negative effects is to consume cannabidiol (CBD). According to research, the unique molecule balances the effects of THC on the brain and mitigates side effects.

There are also other methods like ibuprofen, black pepper or citrus, from "grandmother's remedies" that help delay the effect of cannabis during a big climb ... research shows us that American ginger has the ability to solve at least part of the problem.

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The American "ginger"

All of these suggestions have a scientific basis and are somewhat effective - but none directly contradicts the effects of THC on the brain, unlike the plant. American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) - especially its roots.

Ginseng Root - Contains palacrynol that helps develop the effect of cannabis

This method of reducing the negative effects of THC with American ginseng is so good that it is probably in the process of US patent describes the use of one of the active ingredients of ginseng -le Falcarinol. The root of American ginseng contains up to 14% of palcrynol.


To understand how falcarinol is contrary to the effect of THC, one must first understand how THC works. THC is an agonist for the endocannabinoid system, that is, it binds to its receptors (particularly CB1 receptors) and stimulates it. Falcarinol is what is called the inverse agonist. It also binds to the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system - but inhibits it instead of causing it. In other words, falcarinol has the opposite effect of THC - so the consumption of American ginseng will reduce the catalytic effect of cannabis use.

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Falcarinol is a fatty alcohol found in carrots, ginseng, parsnip and ivy. In carrots, the content is about 2 mg / kg ... It is likely that you need to eat a lot of carrots to reach an effective dose of falcarinol.

Last month, inventors filed a patent on the use of ginseng in overdose. Their invention is actually rubber-based tablets containing 300 mg ginseng, in addition to sweeteners. So, if you eat too much cannabis, you can chew the tablets like gum. This will gradually reduce the effect of THC ... Anyone who does not want to wait until the end of the patent can now order American ginseng capsules online.

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