Concentrations of cannabinoids in breast milk


New study on breastfeeding and cannabinoid levels in breast milk

In the United States, cannabis use increases in pregnant women, and the herb is often used during breastfeeding. In a new study, we learn that THC remains in breast milk six days after its consumption ... Cannamommy, a group that advocates for mothers who consume cannabis, reacts to the news.

Breastfeeding & cannabis

With the legalization of cannabis in several US states, information on the potential exposure of the infant to THC is needed. Thus, the goal with this study is to quantify the cannabinoids in human milk after cannabis use.

The study was published Monday 27 August 2018 in the review Pediatrics. 50 women who reported using cannabis, provided breast milk samples to Mommy's Milk, a breast-milk research laboratory at the University of California San Diego. Then, the women completed a questionnaire containing information about their conso during the 14 days preceding the distribution of the samples.

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The analysis of the samples showed the presence of THC in 34 or 63% of 54 samples. In addition, five of the samples, 9%, had detectable levels of CBD. In contrast, THC was detected in the samples up to six days after consumption reported cannabis.

"It is unclear at this point if this means that a certain level - or any level - of these metabolites can negatively influence child development." Christina Chambers, lead author of the study at the University of California San Diego - and a researcher for the Department of Pediatrics at UCSD and Rady Children's Hospital, said Christina Chambers.

Chambers is calling for more research on the effect that cannabinoids can have on a developing fetus. His team is planning more work to study THC exposure in infants.


CannaMommy tackles the taboo of cannabis use during pregnancy

Kelley Bruce is the founder of Cannamommywho advocates for mothers who choose natural medicines, such as cannabis ... She says:

"I think it's important that these types of studies occur. But also it's important to remember that we still do not understand what is a "harmful" level of THC. This study, although very interesting, leaves many questions on the table. We really need to address this issue and allow funding for research in this area. I hope to see more studies with larger samples. "

In the absence of definitive data on the risk or safety of infant breast milk exposure, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the US Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advise discouraging marijuana use during breastfeeding.

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