Massive overdose at K2 in Connecticut


Massive overdose at K2 affects at least 100 people in New Haven Green, Connecticut

Scenes described as gruesome and horrible happened in Connecticut because of synthetic drugs. More than 80 people have been overdosed at New Haven Green, near the Yale University campus, after ingesting synthetic marijuana (K2) associated with fentanyl...

A destructive cocktail in New Haven Green

according to Associated Pressparamedics and police stayed at the park all day, as more and more people became ill. From Tuesday evening to Wednesday evening, police, firefighters and emergency medical teams responded to so many calls that New Haven Mayor Toni Harp has set up a command center on Connecticut Historical Park, New Haven Green.

A team of paramedics intervenes with a victim of overdose on Thursday 16 August 2018.

The Connecticut Department of Health has been providing doses of Narcan - an antidote for opioid overdoses - until it runs out of supplies ... New Haven Fire Chief John Alston said that overdoses in New Haven, as in other cities, reach epidemic proportions. The city is in the throes of a public health crisis ...

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Medical workers comfort a victim during treatment

Carol Cruz, a substance abuse counselor, went to New Haven Green to help some of the drug users recover. But for this professional, it is difficult to help people who abuse K2 ... Because the drug is usually mixed with other unknown substances ...

We install makeshift camp beds to cope with a steady stream of overdoses ...

This is the second time that a massive overdose has occurred in New Haven Green. Indeed, the 4 July, more than a dozen people were the victims of an overdose of K2.

Medical cannabis in the opioid crisis

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