These 16 countries that have growing cannabis industries and legal markets

The "green rush" of legal cannabis is far more widespread than that of the United States. In fact, the legal markets for marijuana are beginning to emerge quickly around the world. At this point, the global cannabis market is expected to experience massive growth in the coming years. That said, here is 16 country with emerging cannabis industries.

Countries with new legal cannabis markets

Currently, experts believe that the global market for legal cannabis should represent around 7,7 billion dollars a year. In the immediate future, this number is expected to increase exponentially. according to researchers, the global legal marijuana industry is expected to reach 31,4 billion dollars by 2012. In the meantime, the market should experience a annual growth rate of 60%.

Clearly, legalization is the key factor. As more and more countries around the world legalize cannabis, the global market is growing. Here are the countries with the cannabis industries to watch.


Germany seeks legal marijuana growers for medical purposes

Germany makes a strong offer to become the first European cannabis country. In 2017, lawmakers have taken steps to allow legal marijuana growers. The country has also taken important steps to make medical cannabis more accessible. Expect to see the legal market for medical cannabis in Germany continue to strengthen in the coming years - and perhaps even grow in hobbies.


Italy has a robust medical marijuana industry. Interestingly, the country has given the military responsibility for all the cultivation and production of marijuana for medical purposes. At the beginning of the year, reports showed that the demand for legal herbs was too great for the army to follow. As a result, theItaly will start to import cannabis from countries like Canada.


Israel Certifies 100 New Physicians to Help Licensing Marijuana

Israel has propelled itself to the forefront of the international legal cannabis market. In particular, he is a leader in cannabis-related studies, particularly for medical research. Today, the country has more than 25 000 patients licensed medical marijuana. Clearly, Israel has earned its place on a list of countries with emerging legal markets for cannabis.


There is not much to say about this one. Canada is one of the best-known cannabis centers in the world. The country has had a strong medical marijuana program for years. And now, Canada is on track to deliver on its promise to legalize recreational cannabis. To date, the government should legalize October 17.

United States

An increasing number of states continue to legalize various forms of marijuana. Currently, the legal marijuana market in the United States is a little confusing. There is a great variance from one state to another. For example, some states have very accessible medical cannabis programs. But other states limit medical marijuana to certain types of products only. Similarly, some states have fully legalized recreational cannabis, while others continue to apply prohibition. The United States, in one way or another, is already a huge cannabis market and will only grow.


Spain would be one of the most cannabis friendly countries. For example, it has one of the highest rates of adult cannabis users in the EU. To the extent that experts predict a recreational marijuana market in Spain in 2019. These same experts believe that the legal cannabis market in Spain could quickly exceed 200 million.


Brazil has been one of the largest countries in South America to take seriously the possibility of a legal marijuana market. In particular, the country has focused on medical cannabis. A study carried out in 2017 revealed that medical cannabis alone could generate more than one billion dollars in the country.


Argentina is at a crossroads of cannabis. So far, the country has decriminalized the possession and use of small amounts of marijuana. He also approved the medical use of CBD. And he continues to examine the idea of ​​establishing a form of legal market. In particular, a medical market. Although there may not be a ton of infrastructure in place right now, it's certainly a country to keep an eye on,


Uruguay is a pioneer in countries with emerging markets for legal cannabis. It was the first country to make recreational cannabis universal for all adults. Last year, the country started selling legal marijuana over the counter in pharmacies.


Many experts see Peru as a leading player on the cannabis scene in South America. In fact, Forbes said Peru, along with Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, would help grow the legal cannabis market in South America from 125 million dollars this year to more than 775 million by 2027.


Natural society

Experts have predicted significant growth for cannabis in Australia. The country's legal market is currently worth some 52 million. By 2027, this figure is expected to reach 1,2 billion. This would make Australia one of the five largest cannabis markets in the world.


Things could change in Mexico. In 2017, the country has legalized medical cannabis, provided the drug contains less than 1% THC. On the leisure front, the Supreme Court made an interesting decision in 2015. In that decision, the judges granted four people the right to cultivate and consume their own cannabis. If these changes are indicators of future directions, expect to see Mexico become one of the countries with emerging markets for legal cannabis.

South Africa

South Africa is reported to have published guidelines for the legal production of marijuana for medical purposes. Last year, the country's High Court issued a decision authorizing people to legally consume cannabis in private. As a result of these changes, South Africa is becoming one of the largest marijuana markets in Africa. And as the country's laws continue to change, expect South Africa to become an increasingly important legal market.


At the beginning of the year, the Zimbabwe made the headlines by legalizing cannabis cultivation for scientific and medical purposes. Thanks to this law, people can now apply for a legal license to grow marijuana. This could be an important first step towards creating an emerging legal marijuana market in Zimbabwe.


Greek government hopes change in cannabis legislation creates economic growth

Last year, the Greek government legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes for adults. Then, this year, lawmakers approved the cultivation and production of medical cannabis. As a result, there may be a significant new activity in the small island country. In particular, a number of cannabis companies around the world have already expressed interest in the recently expanded legal medical marijuana market in Greece.


Lebanon already has one of the most dominant positions on the global black market. Thanks to an ideal climate for growing cannabis, the country is known for producing tons of premium grass. Now, lawmakers in the country are considering make all this activity legal culture. If the country follows the first plans to legalize marijuana, expect Lebanon to quickly become a major player in the global cannabis market.

Cannabis a global market

Cannabis is a big deal. And that will only grow. As countries around the world continue to take action to enact more lax cannabis laws, the likelihood of an explosive global legal market becomes more likely.

16 country with legal cannabis markets
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