Medical cannabis is allowed in the UK


UK allows medical cannabis, doctors will be able to prescribe prescriptions this fall

Doctors in Britain will be able to prescribe medical cannabis by next fall. Thus officially declares the British Home Office this 26 July 2018. The British Home Office responsible for Home Affairs in England has been involved in the case of Billy Caldwell, an epileptic child of 12 years..

Involvement of the British Home Office

According to British Home Officeexperienced clinicians may prescribe medical cannabis to patients with exceptional clinical need. British Interior Minister Sajid Javid said: Recent cases involving sick children have made it clear to me that our position on cannabis-related drugs is unsatisfactory.

"Following the advice of two groups of independent counselors, I made the decision to postpone cannabis-derived drugs. Which means they will be available on prescription. This will help patients with exceptional clinical need. "

Javid said it was not "in no way a first step towards the legalization of cannabis for recreational use"

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Sajid Javid, UK Minister of the Interior of the United Kingdom

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are developing a clear definition of what constitutes a cannabis drug. Only products meeting this definition will be planned. In addition, other forms of cannabis being strictly controlled, will not be available on prescription.

The case of Billy Caldwell

This change comes after Billy Caldwell, a boy of 12 years old with a rare form of epilepsy, gets an emergency license from the Northern Ireland Ministry of Health. Billy had already obtained a short-term license from the British Home Office, allowing his mother Charlotte to use cannabis to control her convulsions.

Billy Caldwell and his mother

His permission to legally access cannabis oil was canceled in early June 2018. Charlotte went to Toronto to access her son's medication. Unfortunately, she was arrested on her return to Heathrow Airport and Billy's drugs were confiscated. It was then that Interior Minister Javid became personally involved.

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Lady Sally Davies

Javid said he has decided to postpone medical marijuana on the advice of the government's chief medical adviser, Professor Dame Sally Davies, and the Official Advisory Board on Drug Abuse (ACMD), The Independent reported.

Thus, as early as the fall, medical cannabis will be under close surveillance and reprogrammed for prescription.

The evolution of medical cannabis in Europe

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