How to guard against side effects?

Cannabis & Paranoia

The positive effects of cannabis are studied by scientists. While it was portrayed negatively, research has changed this image.

However, it also causes some side effects, some of which can be unpleasant. Overconsumption, poor quality product and even incompatibility can be the cause. Here are some ways to avoid side effects.

There are not only the positive effects but also the side effects. These can be embarrassing whether it is medical or recreational use.

Four side effects


studies have shown that cannabis is not in itself the reason for the demotivation. However, when a person feels good, it can change the order of priorities. Result: we end up pushing to the next day what we could do the same day.

In this case, it is simply recommended to put in parentheses its consumption, first to finish what one has to do before taking over cannabis.

It is also possible that the strain consumed not suitable Some varieties can be better adapted to his body.

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In any case, combining cannabis with a healthy lifestyle, combining sport with a varied diet is also a way of preventing this effect.

Paranoia and anxiety

Although the CBD decreases feeling of anxietyoverconsumption may lead to anxiety or paranoid thoughts in some people. These distressing and stressful feelings are difficult to evacuate.

To get rid of this side effect, simply chew or inhale black pepper.

Indeed, scientists believe that THC and black pepper molecules connect to the same receptors in the brain.

Memory problem

Cannabis acting differently on everyone, one person may have no memory disorder, while others will be disturbed on this point. some micro-dose of THC can even be beneficial. This particularly affects short-term memory.

No risk in the long term, because cannabis can be a positive element of neurogenesis. To overcome this kind of problem, foods can improve his memory, such as eggs, artichokes, or pistachios. Associated with a little drive from his memory, and no fear to have.

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The munchies

Cannabis use increases your appetite. The medical field uses this property for patients who have difficulty feeding.

However when you want to keep the line, this can be problematic. With a little common sense, just make sure you do not have a "junk food" at home. Fruits, vegetables and nuts can be great alternatives for your post-cannabis hollows.

To note: theappetite effect created by cannabis has shown better weight management by the consumer of the plant.

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