Mike Tyson goes to cannabis


Former boxing world champion Mike Tyson has decided to invest in cannabis production. He has long been a strong advocate of plant consumption.

The year 2018 is, for Mike Tyson, the one during which he wishes to reconvert himself in theagriculture. But by any one. He decided to produce a plant he knows well: cannabis.

The town of California City was chosen by the former boxer to accommodate its production. So the 20 last December, Tyson gave the first symbolic spades on the ground along with his partners (theatre tickets, services and more!). Robert Hickman and Jay Strommen have teamed up with "Iron Mike". The land is of a total area of ​​just over 16 hectares (40 acres).

Hickman explained to The Blast that "undeveloped lands are ready for cultivation and the Tyson Ranch will be an oasis in the desert."

The city expects an explosion of production, especially since legalization recreational cannabis, the 1er January 2018.

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Grow cannabis and help the city prosper

The goal is ambitious. Mike Tyson wants his farm to produce high quality plants in terms of THC and CBD. Added to this is the introduction of advanced technology. The goal is to advance research on the properties of cannabis.

Half of the area will be dedicated to agricultural facilities. This will allow optimal control over the environment in which the plants will grow.

A school dedicated to cultivating cannabis to teach how to grow its own strains.

In addition to growing cannabis, the place will offer a cannabis discovery through a campsite, an edible cannabic products plant, etc. A real little "Cannabis land".

Tyson has long believed in the healing properties of marijuana. Thus, CBD contained in cannabis has proved to be an effective agent for treating post-traumatic syndromes, especially among soldiers returning from combat zones.

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For example, the company that operates the ranch, Tyson Holistic, would be made up mostly of former soldiers, and taking care of the men and women who served in the armed forces is a top priority.

The ranch is located near Edwards Air Force Base and aims to create many jobs. Mayor Jennifer Wood sees a "renaissance" for the entire city.

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