The cannabis smoker is rich and happy


New study confirms that cannabis smokers are rich and happy, and more inclined to graduate school

By using cannabis (California ...) we are likely to be richer, more educated and happier than those who do not. This is suggested by a new study of BDS Analytics. Cannabis users earn more, and enjoy spending more time outdoors. This in order to get more life satisfaction. The cannabis smoker would be so rich and happy.

The next step of elevation

These are the results of the first analysis of Cannabis Wellness Trends, a periodic and detailed look at cannabis users. The results are based on thetrend survey consumers on BDS Analytics. It was conducted with 2 000 adults from California and Colorado, aged 21 years and older. The survey was completed with a quota of 1 200 cannabis users since the last six months.

"The widespread adjustment of cannabis users is a common theme across much of the current research," BDS Analytics said in a press release.

The study thus found a theme that is clear from the research. Who is the "overall health wellbeing of cannabis users compared to" acceptors "(People who do not use cannabis but who might consider it). And the "rejetteurs"(People who do not use cannabis and would not consider it)".

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Higher education

With regard to higher education, the study shows that the percentage of people with master's degrees is 20% among consumers in California. Against 13% concerning "acceptors" and 12% of "rejects".

By the numbers

The study also found that the average annual income for a household consuming cannabis in California is 93 800 $, against 72 800 $ for "acceptors". And 75 900 $ for "throwers". In Calfornie, cannabis users are the most likely to be parents, as the study shows that 64% of consumers are parents, against 60% of "acceptors" and 55% of "rejectors".

And when it comes to staying active, consumers in Colorado and California enjoy outdoor recreation at a higher rate than others. In Colorado, it's 50% of consumers enjoying the outdoors, compared to 36% for Colorado "rejects". In California, it accounts for 50% for consumers, compared to 26% for critics of cannabis in California.

"Cannabis users are far removed from the caricatures historically used to describe them. In fact, cannabis users, at least in Colorado and California, have positive indicators of life. Like volunteering, socializing, satisfaction with life. And the enjoyment of exercise and the outdoors. - Linda Gilbert, BDS Analytics »

The next stage of the study will examine trends in Washington and Oregon. And other states that have legalized cannabis. And, we hope that the trend will one day touch the old continent, especially France ...

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