Jobs in the Cannabis Industry in Canada


The jobs currently available in Canada in the cannabis industry

The cannabis industry in Canada continues to grow, with new jobs across the country being posted each day. The time has never been better for Canadians to find a job in the cannabis industry. Licensed clinics in Vancouver, licensed cannabis growers in Canada, ancillary brands and companies that provide them with services, are all hiring enthusiastically. Although not exhaustive, here is a list of jobs available in Canada in the cannabis industry.

Work in a Dispensary

Although there are fewer jobs in dispensaries (and fewer clinics ...) in Toronto than last year, working in a clinic is still a feasible thing. As this advert Missisauga dispensary is proof of this, the delivery drivers are still fashionable. The compensation is 30 $ per hour. But you will have to pay your own gas expenses. The delivery driver will deliver the packages to the three surrounding cities, from Mississauga to Okville, and Milton.

Delivery drivers (cannabis) still a profession of the future in Canada

At least two licensed Vancouver clinics are currently seeking help. In fact, Green Valley Medicinals in South Vancouver is looking for a retail customer service representative. And West Canna, another Vancouver licensed commercial health center, is looking for a sales associate. When the sales department, Green Room was looking for assistants (full or part time) for 14 $ per hour.

Example of a high-speed clinic, the Green Valley Medicinals

Craigslist also posts a photographer's job for a new cannabis company and a graphic designer for a growing site. In Vancouver, many jobs are available in the dispensaries. One can sometimes expect quality offers, as some start-ups looking for video production teams. The work in a dispensary is not limited to sales, we will find almost all professions dedicated to cannabis.

Producers of cannabis

In terms of culture itself, the labor market becomes even more diverse. Licensed producers establish themselves on demand. Many positions are available for producers. Like software developers, customer service representatives, patient awareness, farmers, scientists and so much more ...

Grass Roots Pharmaceuticals in Calgary, for example, was looking for a procedure developer. And, Zenabis / International Herbs, always looking for a administrator Delta, British Columbia (and a Clerk and Facilities Administrator). Tantalus Labs hires a culture partner and a IT administrator.

Grass-roots program fights against addiction to painkillers

To give you an idea of ​​the salary, we will take the example ofAvicenna Inc. Announcement This Toronto-based company is focused on innovative and biotechnological advancements in the medical cannabis industry. Currently this company is seeking to recruit a Director of Clinical Development and R & D. The proposed salary is 75 000 $ the year. When to grow in itself, in Leamington, Ontario, Aphria is looking for a production partner in a greenhouse for 12 $ per hour.

Medical cannabis producers literally make millions of dollars

Aurora, a cannabis producer based in Alberta with offices in Vancouver, is looking to hire a customer care specialist, an executive assistant, an systems analystas well as a member of the harvest team. Canopy Growth is looking for a production assistant in Creemore, Ontario. And a account manager institutional and account manager from the pharmacy. CannTrust, in Vaughan, is looking for a Marketing Director and one execution technician (orders), the latter item of selecting, scanning and shipping orders via Canadian Post.

Clinics and Auxiliary Services

Ontario has approved the prescription of cannabis (for medical purposes) by nurse practitioners. As a result, many medical cannabis clinics in Ontario are now hiring them. Terra Health Network in Mississauga, which describes itself as a cannabinoid education and clinic network, and Marijuana for Trauma in Ottawa, are looking to recruit a full-time nurse practitioner. In addition, Marijuana for Trauma is a company founded by a veteran. This private clinic focuses primarily on post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain and other medical conditions conducive to cannabinoid therapy.

The "420 Nurses" in action

The Medical Cannabis Resource Center Inc. Research a health care representative. At Etobicoke, Canrix Inc. is also recruiting "authorized" nurse, just like Terra Health Network ... GrowWise Health, also in Toronto, hires an educator and a new rresponsible for business development and awareness. And, the Cannabinoid Medical Clinic in Halifax, Nova Scotia is also hiring a educator.

Universities and medical centers

Finally, White Cedar Medical Cannabis Doctors in Toronto hires a medical office assistant. As well as an administrative assistant, and still a clinical nurse ... Natural Health Services in Calgary is hiring a medical office assistant for 17 $ per hour, and Canadian cannabis clinics in Toronto are looking for a PHP and JS developer à 20,50 $ per hour.

"There is no reason not to become world leaders" (in research on the drug Canabis ...) Steven Laviolette, professor at Western University

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver is recruiting a regulatory affairs coordinator de 50 000 to 60 000 $ per year. The purpose of this job is to help "navigate effectively through Health Canada regulations" for cannabis-related products. In short, Canada does not miss a job offer in this area, for more info (in real time) go on Indeed.

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