Hiding his grass in public


The best places to hide your grass in public

Having secure places to keep your grass away from prying eyes is one of the greatest necessities in the world ... And, one of the most important challenges is to go out into the real world with your favorite herb. So, where do you hide your grass when you're in public? As the saying goes, "necessity is the mother of invention" ...

Road Warrior

When traveling, it is important to have good places to hide your stuff. Carrying cannabis from point A to point B is always a bit risky ... Even in states where recreational cannabis is legal, getting behind the wheel while having cannabis can cause you serious hardship ...

The trick is simple enough: find places to keep your "bad" grass. The kind of insignificant place, and common in a car ... One of the most popular methods is the use of a soda can! As a "road warrior" you need dehydrated, the road can be long ... And what's less suspicious than a can?

The key to success is of course that your can is filled ... The brand looks good ... No one will suspect that your favorite drink also contains your favorite herb !! But how to do it ? It's quite easy we know this sneaky trick, the "stash can" or "secret's can" ...

The idea is that you create a box "unopened", by drilling a small hole to remove the liquid. Then, cut around the lid of the box to open it. Put your herb in another (waterproof) container, such as a pill box, inside the empty box. And use glue or something else to secure it. You can do the same with a plastic coca bottle.

Light the fire…

If you are in a delicate situation during a check or other, you become even more suspicious if you do not have cigarettes at hand ... So, if you carry grass, declare yourself smoker (of cig) is a very good idea.

Pack of Cigarettes

Cigarettes act as a decoy and as an alibi for your lighter. You can also smoke cigarettes, to mask the smell of marijuana ... Make sure that the cigarette pack seems to be used, and that some cigarettes are missing ... But where to hide your weed?

For the slackers of the tinker, fake cigarette lighters are sold on the internet

In the cigarette lighter pardi, or your lighter, see combine the two! The inside of your lighter is one of the best places to keep your weed hidden. Or more exactly a work lighter. However the cigarette lighter (empty) of your old car could do the trick but you can not hide much.

Peckish ?

When you're in public or on the road, you probably have some sort of snack with you. People have to eat ...

By using this to your advantage, you can infuse just about any cannabis oil food ... to know that your little snack will not smell like a normal meal. What to do to hide this so revealing scent?

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Take the example of a biscuit (brownie) infused, indeed it feels a little tail ... But if you include it in a container containing regular biscuits (and legal), the camouflage will work perfectly! The same goes for a cannabis-infused drink; in a pack of six with regular drinks. Everything works!

The magic pen

The intellectual strategy is also a nice solution, as sneaky as it is ... Of course you always wear a pen, a pencil and a highlighter on you, especially when traveling by car ... But know that it is a very small probability that the forces of Order fun to destroy your utensils (intellectual) writing. The sky is the limit with this trick ...

The most common approach is to remove the ink cartridge from pens and markers large enough to hold a seal or two ... or three. Simply remove the back, remove the ink cartridge, and then rinse the inside of the hollow body.

If there is a risk that your weed is discovered using this method, it is only because it is well known. But with a little determination, and ingenuity, you can go to the next level! Get a drill and drill from 3 / 16 ...

Try to dig a pencil. Simply remove the eraser from the top and drill carefully along the entire length of the pen. Slide your seal and put back the eraser. Nobody will imagine that you have such good DIY skills ... And again, camouflage is your friend. So, make sure that the marker or pencil is mixed with his little brothers.

The hygienic cover

If you are on the road, you probably bring some bathroom supplies with you ... People have to stay fresh! Another great occultation of your favorite herb is to use large plastic containers in your toiletry kit.

In order to make their products more imposing, companies like Ax have created all kinds of empty space ... You do not even have to use the product until the end to find enough space for one eighth of marijuana in it ...

In fact, even leaving some of the product inside, the stash can work wonders. To completely mask the smell of your cannabis. This is the principle of camouflage, again, only this time, it uses the smell instead of sight to mask the presence of your weed.

The movie buff team will just have to stand in check !!

People with more extensive beauty regimes can take full advantage of this method. Water (cologne) spray bottles are extremely common for styling hair. With water in the main compartment and ganja in the bottom and secret, a good spray bottle can help keep your marijuana away from the curiosity of some ...

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Still in the "brainy" category, the book. This method is certainly the most common of all. She is devilishly effective in your own home. But if you're a student or a literature lover, that is, someone who lurks regularly with books, then it's a great method for you.

Start by choosing the book to sacrifice, because there will not be much of its content ... Make sure the book is boring or discreet enough that no one is the right way to open it ...

Nobody misses a boring book (as rigid as possible ...)

Using a cutter, hollowed out the book depending on your needs ... Make sure to carry it at least with another book. And to make the most of this strategy: make sure the book is hardcover!

And finally, at the simplest ...

In the end, the best places to keep your grass hidden involve controlling the wet and so delicious smell of it. If there is no smell to arouse suspicion in the first place, there is little to worry as long as your hiding place is far away safe.

Here's where a little science comes in. We smell things because tiny molecules drift in our nostrils and bind with the receptors of smell in our noses and sinuses.

If you have a container with an airtight seal, you have nothing to worry about. But sometimes, these containers are bulky and annoying for luggage. Plastic bags are much more common. But the problem with plastic bags is that they are porous. In other words, there are tiny holes that let these molecules escape into the air ...

If you find yourself in public with the weed on you regularly, it might be worth investing in some plastic bags designed to prevent leak odors. These bags are a bit more expensive, but they are worth it. Look for plastic bags with a density of 90 microns. This will ensure that the bag is thick enough and strong enough to keep the odorous molecules of your weed inside the bag.

Bonus: The false carrot ...

Another tip that seems to seduce our Mexican friends ... The fake plastic carrot !! It should be noted, however, that the United States Customs and Border Protection intercepted almost one tonne of alleged marijuana.

This one was found hidden in a commercial convoy of fresh carrots. The camouflage although effective (and yes the plastic carrots were mixed with fresh), seems to have completely messed up ...

To conclude, avoid the big convoys and the carrots ... Be sure to hide your little conso, because remember it, the weed is illegal in France !!

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