Snoop dogg gun Trump in his last clip


Snoop Dogg denounces Donald Trump's "clowneries" and a certain vision of cannabis ...

Donald Trump and his Twitters have received a lot of attention lately. Indeed, the current president has tried to insult the one and only Snoop Dogg. After having recognized himself as a clown in Snoop's new video "Lavender", Trump immediately panicked. Of course, he did it on Twitter ... Meanwhile, Snoop does not care ... But the message against the "white domination" that control the cannabis industry has passed, and much more ...

The new Snoop bomb

During the BADBADNOTGOOD in Canada, Snoop's video "Lavender" (Nightfall Remix) lights up a certain "Ronald Klump", who obviously plays Trump in the video. And for this reason, the Trump government is in panic ...

Of course, Donald did what he does best by tweeting his comments. People shared their opinions and said they were all on the side of Snoop. Moreover, rumors circulated immediately, saying that Snoop is under arrest for conspiracy. But a priori they are all wrong ...


As we can see, the video begins with a family of white clowns having their morning dose of Snoop Loops. At first glance, everything seems pretty comical ... But some time after the actual message starts to become clear, very clear ...

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First of all, you see the police arresting a clown father after he has caught smoking a joint ... Before you know it, the cop shoots him to open his briefcase and reveal his fake pistol ...

In case you did not understand it, this scene is supposed to represent the brutal shot of Philando Castile last July.

"When I wrote the idea for the clip, the video of [Philando Castille's] murder was spinning on social networks and it caused a lot of emotions. What's happening ", is justified, with the Billboard magazine, the director of the film James DeFina.

Rather than focusing on one issue, Snoop addresses a number of social issues with this new clip. Not only white domination in the cannabis industry, but also police shootings and the massive incarceration of blacks in the United States.

The tone of the clip was strongly displeased to the 45e President of the United States who has cracked an angry tweet:

"Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failed career and company, had aimed and fired a rifle on President Obama? Prison sentences! ", Writes Donald Trump in his message.

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