The cannabis suppository


When the weed is suppository by the will of the doctors

While most patients enjoy smoking their treatment or eating an edible, for some this might not be an option. Rectal suppositories are found in the Canadian medical market, where patients are able to absorb much more cannabis and more effectively. It is yet to be seen if this system of administration will gain popularity, but doctors believe that it fills a gap necessary for some patients.

Medical need

Over the years, Canada has seen a steady increase in the use of medical cannabis. Now, more than half of the population admits to using cannabis at one time or another. With the new regulation of legalization that will be effective this summer, doctors are studying all the ways in which cannabis can be introduced into the human body ...

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Canada has a large population of patients relying on cannabis oils. Although oils are legal, many clinics do not carry edibles because they remain illegal under Health Canada rules. The few dispensaries that produce edibles do so at the risk of being attacked and closed.

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With an increase in raids in recent months, the majority of clinics have removed edibles from their list. Without access to edible foods, patients have few options when it comes to finding a successful method of administration. Many simply smoke cannabis, but some doctors are even against it ...

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Canadian Center on Substance Abuse published a report saying that cannabis could cause more lung problems than tobacco ...

"Smoking cannabis can be even more harmful to a person's airways and lungs. Since smoking (with cannabis) often involves unfiltered smoke, larger puffs, deeper inhalation. Certainly, tobacco smoke poses a greater health risk. "Canadian Center for Substance Abuse

Suppositories are a new way of ingesting

In an attempt to give patients another method of administration, doctors in Canada have reviewed cannabis suppositories. They still have to gain all the real traction among the medical cannabis community, probably because of the less than favorable delivery method. But doctors assure patients that the benefits outweigh the discomfort.

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When using a cannabis suppository, patients do not experience the same "high" as usual. However, the drug is absorbed much more quickly. In addition to rapid dissemination, suppositories offer patients the opportunity to introduce much more cannabis into the system.

Mikhail Kogan, Medical Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University

Mikhail Kogan believes that the suppository could be the ideal method of delivery. But the patients remain skeptical ...

"Rectally is actually much more preferred because of its absorption volume. You can put a lot more into it and it is absorbed much better, but not everyone is open to this route of administration. "According to Mikhail Kogan

Suppositories would be ideal for extremely sick patients. Especially for those who need instant relief and a higher volume of cannabis. In addition, patients who do not want psychedelic effects will benefit from this system of administration.

While the cannabis suppository is quite new to the mainstream market, it will be interesting to see if this introductory method is gaining popularity or vice versa ...

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