Eliminate THC metabolites in your system

Eliminate Side Effects of Grass for Urine Screening

Thwart a urine test and eliminate THC metabolites from your system

Sometimes you will have no choice, whether at the workplace or on the road; you will need to "detoxify" ... The THC remains in the system for more than a week. For a regular smoker the challenge of having a urine test may seem very heavy. Obviously, there are various ways to clean more or less your system. But precisely how is it possible to get rid of THC metabolites during a urine test?

THC metabolites

Metabolites are a side effect of a substance after it is assimilated by your body. During a urine screening, the desired product is therefore a metabolite, THC-COOH (11nor9tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic acid). The positivity level is set at 50 ng / ml. But some tests in France are positive to 20 or 25 ng / ml ...

The positivity delay in regular smokers spans two weeks or more, due to storage in fat Three joints a week usually give a permanent positivity ... 50 ng / ml is the dosage currently most often practiced but the most uncertain as to its conclusions, due to the possibility of false positive results. His interest is qualitative and not quantitative. When screening for "drugs", you must be able to understand the amount of metabolites of THC in your system. And what are the materials that can do écran to this metabolite.

Half-life of metabolites

The half-life of THC metabolites is seven days. This means that every 7 day, the amount of metabolites in your body will decrease by 50%. In this spirit we can assume that your body will be rid of metabolites at about 3-4 weeks ... However, it is very important to note that these figures depend on what you smoke, how much you weigh and of course the regularity of consumption.

It's almost impossible to trust time

THC is a fat soluble, which is why cannabis is great for edible foods, it can easily be stored in your fat lipid tissue. As a result of this, your fat cells will release the THC metabolites into your bloodstream at a steady rate, which is certainly not a good thing ...

This test (at home), reliable to 98% according to the manufacturer, makes it possible to evaluate the quantity of metabolites of THC present in the urine.

The good news is that you can still get tested without being 100% free of THC metabolites. Since you need to be below the minimum amount of metabolites for the test, with a typical threshold of 50 mg / mL. Finally, if your results will be negative and you will circulate freely.

Dilute your urine

The basic method for screening urine is to dilute your urine just enough to be below the limit of 50ng / ML. It may be that the manipulation is monitored, so you must not only dilute your urine but also cover the fact that your urine is diluted.

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There are many ways to dilute your urine. First, the water is perfect for rinsing your system. This only dilutes your urine for the moment, so it's almost a waste of time. So you would have to drink 3 at 4 liters of water all day before taking your test, then about 2 liters several hours before the test. It is important to know your limits, you should drink only a maximum of 2 liters.

Too much water can simply cause death ...

After drinking plenty of water, your urine will be colorless and have low levels of creatine. But a transparent urine, will make you suspect in a sense ...

Vitamin B

There are two substances that can still help you get off the limit of metabolites, vitamin B and creatine.Vitamin B is important to take because it makes your urine just yellow ... The most effective form of vitamin B would be vitamin B-2 and B-12. It is therefore recommended to take 50-100 mg several hours before screening.

Vitamin B2 & B12 on sale in pharmacy


In addition to vitamin B, creatine supplements can also help you. Creatine is naturally produced by your body, in the urine it is assimilated as a natural chemical waste. But creatine only has a half-life of 3 hours, so you will need to take a higher than average dose several hours before your test. Once creatine is broken down by your body, it will be completely emptied of your system. Creatine supplements can be found at any organic food store, or as a supplement for athletes.

Creatine very popular in bodybuilding

But this could be ineffective, in a hurry or other ... There are other ways to ensure that your system can be flushed out of THC metabolites.

Additional tips

1 tip : Avoid exercise for at least 24 hours before your test. For some of us, it's not too difficult ... But for all athletes, it's more complicated. Indeed, it is best to avoid exercise because the workout will only increase your levels of THC metabolites.

2 tip When you will be urinated to urinate in the container, you must make sure to provide the flow of urine from the middle ... The advice may sound strange, but you should know that the first flow of urine has a very high level of metabolites

3 tip : Contribute to the expansion of so-called detox drinks ... Detox drinks can be helpful if you join all the previous tips.

They only help to make your urine better diluted, in themselves Detox drinks are not a sufficient guarantee.

"Detox" drinks to do at home

However, the detox drinks also contain vitamin B, as well as creatine ... which is actually handy.

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4 tip : It may be that you are a regular smoker, of strong build ... And there, the dilution of your urine can be ineffective. This is due to the storage of metabolites in fats. Use the urine of a non-smoker, a small vial before taking the road and you're done ...

Bonus : You get a test, and start exercising.

Narcocheck will seduce parents curious to know if their teenager smokes cannabis ...

Synthetic urine

Quick Fix Urine Plus claims to be the most effective fake pee on the market. This company is not alone in tackling the surrogate market. In Uncle Sam's country, screening tests Urinary is often used, especially in job interviews. the United States, a real market is being built in parallel with urine screening tests for cannabis. Indeed, there are many artificial urine, and not all are effective. Quick Fix Urine therefore arrives in a crowded market ... No doubt the sign of a strong demand.

According to the recipe presented by the company, the product would be clean and premixed.

For US residents who would be tempted to test this new method, the company claims to develop in laboratory for a balanced pH, specific gravity, creatinine and urea, which constitutes a non-toxic urinary sample and without THC. Plus it would work just as well for a man or a woman.

A process is simple

Before the cannabis test, open the package and shake it. Then remove the cap and place the product in a microwave oven for ten seconds. Once the time has elapsed, the heat must be tested with the supplied heating tape. In this way, we know for sure if it has reached the appropriate temperature, which is supposed to be between 34,5 and 37,7 degrees Celsius.

If the liquid is too hot, let it sit for a moment. Replace the cap and shake it again vigorously. Then turn on the heating pad, attach it to the bottle, and the fake urine is ready for screening for the next six hours.

Is it so simple? We want to see. Especially since it is necessary to pass the test itself.

This is where the adventure becomes comic is worthy of the movie "The Under-Gifted". Once the urine on you, you must be able to fill the cup without being caught. During these job interviews in the United States, there may be a surveillance in the washroom. In short, it means that someone accompanies you.

Carry false urine on oneself

It is then possible to buy for the candidate the job, a strap for 19,95 $, which attaches along the leg. Or, there is also the belt for 29,95 $, sold separately and offers a discreet way and carry your synthetic urine. There is no small profit, apparently.

Tips in hand, we can only wish you good luck ^^

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