The personal grass of Hunter S. Thompson

The personal grass of Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson Personal Grass - Hunter S. Thompson's Personal Weed is cloned for you to smoke

Soon you can smoke a cannabis flower cloned from the private hiding place of a man who killed himself in 2005 and had his ashes drawn from a fist-shaped cannon (the Fist Gonzo). A story very Stoner, which will soon revive in the guise of a marijuana that says exceptional.


The inventor of "Gonzo" journalism

Hunter S. Thompson in "Hell's Angel" mode

Gonzo journalism or ultra-subjective journalism is both a method of inquiry and a style of writing, the journalist being one of the protagonists of his report and writing in the first person. The term "gonzo" would have been used for the first time in 1970 to qualify an article by Hunter S. Thompson, who popularized this style later (to write Hell's Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, he became part of a group of Hells Angels, became a biker and adopted their way of life for several months).

Hunter S. Thompson the 18 June 1997, while traveling to a television studio in New York for an interview with Charlie Rose. Christian Thompson.

The "gonzoide" journalist's bias is to speak in the first person, and not in a neutral and objective way, as the journalistic deontology requires in principle. He thus informs his reader of the nature and intensity of the factors "distorting" his point of view. By appealing to his critical sense, the reader can then recompose a more likely image of reality ...

Hunter S. Thompson's "weed"

The "weed" of Hunter S. Thompson, one of the legendary author of Rolling Stone magazine, the man who defined a generation with books such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trailand Hells Angels, the man who has been played not only by Bill Murray, but also by Johnny Depp twice, will soon be available on the market.

Johnny Depp, "coached" closely by Thompson, makes an almost perfect copy in "Las Vegas Parano".

A big drug user, Hunter Thompson has tried them all. He always had a weakness for cannabis:

"A source of joy and comfort for years. I consider it an essential part of life, like beer, ice cream or grapefruit. And millions of Americans think like me. "

His widow Anita Thompson told Aspen Times that she plans to clone Hunter's own grass, a resurrection reminiscent of Jurassic Park, and sell it on the Colorado market.

"I can not wait to be a drug lord," she says.

The decision to sell cannabis with the official Hunter S. Thompson brand was not taken lightly. Anita said that since marijuana became legal in Colorado, she would be "probably approached once a month by cannabis growers, and dispensaries."

Hunter S. Thompson's Weed: The Kento, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

"I've probably had 10 meetings over the last three years," Thompson said, "and I always ended up saying" No "because it's the same story every time: someone wants to mess up the Hunter's name. "

When she realized that she could sell cannabis that really came from her late husband, she was eager to clone six strains of the famous author's stash (with the collaboration of a marijuana company).

"I found a way to extract DNA from Hunter's personal cannabis and hashish stock. The plants will be cloned from six varieties that he smoked before his suicide. "

Owl Farm

Profits from the sale of the potentially super-strong weed that Hunter-Thompson smoked will be used to renovate Owl Farm, a "fortified" farm of 17 hectares, into a museum and a home for writers. striving to keep the Gonzo spirit alive.

Owl Farm

Owl Farm was valued at 2,55 Million Dollars and Anita Thompson then negotiated her rights to get the proceeds from Hunter's book sales in exchange for full ownership. Anita Thompson's model is Ernest Hemingway's last home, which has become both a museum and a place of pilgrimage. That same house from which Hunter Thompson, Hemingway's ultimate fan, had gone in the 1960 years with deer antlers under his coat ...

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