Marijuana in Alaska, the excuses of a school director


Confessions & Apologies from an elementary school in Anchorage, Alaska following an anti-marijuana message.

Campbell Elementary School in Anchorage, Alaska issued a formal apology for sending an automated phone message urging parents to oppose the retail sale of cannabis in city stores.


The first message

The phone message was sent Monday 17 October in the evening to 464 phone numbers. The message was approved to be sent by the elementary school director, Michelle Johansen, who takes on the responsibility of the event.


according to Alaska Dispatch News, the content of the message tells parents that a marijuana store that has been "quietly without public approval" and competes with a medical clinic that was to open nearby ...

"He's hitting too close to our house, he's hitting too close to our school. Please, we are asking as many family members as possible to speak at the Municipal Assembly tomorrow night to show that this is going to have an impact on Our children "...

School spokesman Heidi Embley notes that phone messages are strictly for an important informational purpose that should be passed on to parents.

"It's something that should not have happened and will not happen again in the future," Embley said.

The second message

A second call was sent as an official apology by Johansen:

"Yesterday, you received a message to inform you of an activity in our school community to be discussed at the Assembly meeting tonight. Unfortunately, the words used implied a partisan cause. Which is not the intention or the policy of the district or our school, and I am sorry for the message that is portrayed in the call "


In November 2015, a coalition of libertarians and Republicans hostile to "too much government" had 55% of the vote in a referendum in favor of "the legalization of marijuana by adults in private places."

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Alaska has a long tradition of liberal cannabis politics, as possession of up to an ounce of grass has already been decriminalized in 1975. Medical cannabis has already been legal for over 16

Marijuana in Alaska, the excuses of a school director
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