CBD oil for children with epilepsy


CBD oil for epileptic children with Dravet syndrome

In recent years, more and more children are affected by severe forms of epilepsy. Facing theineffectiveness of drugs used against epilepsy, we begin to rediscover the therapeutic properties of cannabis. We thus find many testimonials. In the USA medical cannabis is now available in many states. CBD helps children with epilepsy:

CBD against aggravated forms of epilepsy

Dravet syndrome (SD) or severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy is a rare form of epilepsy. The number of people affected is not known more about the fact that it is a rare disease that is 1 person on 20 000 and 1 person on 40 000 concerned. Discovered 30 years ago by Dr. Charlotte Dravet, the syndrome has long been confused with other types of epilepsy. Research is progressing rapidly and the syndrome is becoming better known thanks to genetics.

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About 60% epileptic seizures are convulsive, characterized by rapid and involuntary muscle contractions that can cause uncontrollable trembling or throbbing of the entire body. The most common type is the tonic-clonic crisis, which involves a short period of immobility followed by an uncontrollable tremor. These seizures can damage brain tissue, especially in young children, when the brain is still developing.

Apart from CBD can control seizures, it is extremely effective in treating several types of epilepsy including Dravet syndrome in young children and it is of great interest as a potential treatment because of its lack of psychoactivity.

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