Cannabinoids ingredients of fertility

Cannabinoids ingredients of fertility

Researchers detected cannabinoid receptors in sperm

A team of biologists de Bochum and Bonn, led by Professor Hanns Hatt, provided evidence that endocannabinoid receptors do exist in sperm, and play an important role in the fertilization process, and in human fertility.

The acrosomal reaction

During fertilization, a sperm must first merge with the plasma membrane and then enter the woman's egg. The sperm cells go through a process known as the acrosomal reaction. A reaction in which the sperm lose the cap on the anterior half of the head. This cap-like structure in the sperm head is called an acrosome. It fuses with the egg membrane and releases digestive enzymes that allow ovulation.

The acrosomal reaction (in red)

Without this reaction, the spermatozoa can not penetrate the egg; Excluding endogenous Cannabinoid receptors play a crucial role in this process, this is what states the study conducted by the University of Bochum

Spermatozoid, the tough law of the fighter ...

Boosting flagella

Endocannabinoids also influence the physical movement that is important in sperm, such as the activation of the flagellum (tail of the spermatozoon).

The spermatozoon and its tail (flagellum) in action

This waving tail is not only used to advance the sperm throughout its journey - vagina, cervix, fallopian tubes. Thanks to these receptors located on its surface, the flagellum of the spermatozoon also serves as an antenna, indicating the right direction to take to achieve its goal - in this case, the egg ...

To whoever moves the most ...

Fluids "endocannabinoide"

The fluid of the genital tract of women and men contains endocannabinoids, they are naturally synthesized in humans and animals. They are more than similar to Cannabinoids, which are the main constituents of cannabis, the best known of which is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

"The receiver reacts to the agent that is the basis of cannabis plants, THC ..." according to the research team


Studies suggest that the concentration of endocannabinoide in women increases on days of fertilization, and would activate the sperm for fertilization. Note that the receptor is bound to 18 proteins (GPR18). These same proteins also occur throughout the human body, including the brain and heart. This new function at the sperm level has remained unknown until today.

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223 receivers

In all these are 223 receptors that are ultimately listed on the spermatozoa, of which 60 olfactory receptors. In addition, sperm naturally contains sugar in the form of fructose. It is he who feeds the spermatozoa. Always side flavor, what the man eats could play on the taste but also the smell of his sperm. Fruits - mango, papaya, pineapple, plum, etc.

A smell and a flavor that work "sweet" (fructose) ... (photo: Miss Hightimes)

The most common 3 receptors include the GPR18 receptor. Thus the study concludes that this is the first time that these receptors of Cannabinoids, which apparently are the most important, are determined ^^

pot cannabinoid-receptor-race-1
Cannabinoid receptors present in the brain ...

"The endocannabinoid system activates the spermatozoon for fertilization" concludes Hanns Hatt

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Science has now proven that we have Cannabinoids in the male and female genital fluid, can we consider that oral sex supplements a healthy intake of THC, or CBD? ...

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