Cannabis causes neurogenesis

Cannabis causes neurogenesis - The end of anti-cannabis propaganda

Cannabis causes neurogenesis - The end of anti-cannabis propaganda

A study conducted in 2005 by the University of Saskatchewan in Canada broke the myth that marijuana causes brain damage. The researchers found that a "high" THC actually causes the development of new brain cells.



The growth process in brain cells is "Neurogenesis". Neurogenesis refers to the whole process of creating a functional neuron of the nervous system from a neural stem cell. The author of the study Zhang Xia explained at the time that a synthetic THC compound like the one used in the study, increases 40% brain cell formation, in the region of the brain responsible for memory, learning and the emotion called the hippocampus.

Zone of memory, the seahorse

But THC is obviously not the only cannabinoid that helps the brain to develop. According to a study conducted in Brazil and published in "The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology", CBN (cannabinol) can also contribute to it

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Contribution of the CBD

To study the effects of CBD on anxiety and depression, the researchers turned to the source concerned. Namely the part of the brain called the hippocampus. In adults this is the only part of the brain that can continue to grow. Although statistical studies have already found that CBD helps to improve the symptoms of depression, the university study explains the mechanism for the first time.

On the road to Alzheimer's disease treatment

The researchers found that CBD and THC cause cell generation in the hippocampus region. CBD causes neurogenesis. Cannabis creates and does not destroy brain cells. What is proven nowadays for Alzheimer's disease and alcohol damage.

Charlotte's Web

CBD has proven its significant action in the treatment of epilepsy, reducing the impact and frequency of seizures. Colorado Charlotte is a case that has become famous; a little girl who was suffering from severe epileptic seizures. The Stanley brothers tested on her a variety of marijuana rich in CBD (17%), and therefore very low in THC (0.5%). Immediately, her autistic behavior disappeared, her mind regained her clarity and Charlotte was no longer prone to seizures.

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Matt Figi who cuddles his daughter Charlotte 7 years. She has dravet syndrome, a serious form of epilepsy.

After this dazzling observation; the brothers undertook to name the variety in honor of this little girl: "Charlotte's web". This variety of cannabis is today recognized through all the United States, known as their "Hippie's Disappointment", a reference to the fact that the CBD does not kill people and that it is suitable for children.

Eponymous film of the children's book

Active compounds of cannabis can cause neurogenesis; which totally contradicts this old propaganda, that cannabis makes the brain rot ...

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