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18 Tips for cuttings

18 Tips for Cuttings - Hemp cuttings are good for reproduction if handled properly, they can provide nearly infinite stocks of high quality feminized plants.

18 Tips for Cuttings - Hemp cuttings are good for reproduction if handled properly, they can provide nearly infinite stocks of high quality feminized plants.

Many cannabis producers prefer to use the cuttings method (clones) during the seeding of new seeds, indeed, if they are taken and treated correctly, the cuttings provide a stable genetic environment both by the quality and the type of plants as their growth, or even for generations to come. Another reason is of course the lack of availability of quality seeds, which are considered (almost exclusively) illegal.


What is horticulture & cuttings

According to Wikipedia horticulture is the art of cultivating gardens, cultivating vegetables, flowers, trees or fruit and ornamental shrubs.
On the technical level, it consists in taking a cell from a plant and promoting the plant growth of the whole plant. In the cannabis world, cuttings usually refer to taking a branch of a plant and rooting it (implanted) so that it becomes a plant.


Taking cuttings is a fairly simple process and easy to implement, however, learning and success do not come instantly. Cuttings that fail and do not grow properly are usually the result of poor practice, poor hygiene or simply lack of knowledge.

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In order to avoid too many failures, here are 18 tips to help you get started before you start working with cuttings. It is important to note that these tips are as good for hydroponics as they are for raw soil.

1 / Genetics is a sensitive issue
Unhealthy radiation, chemicals and growth methods can hinder the growth of DNA and cause the growth of unusable cuttings.

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2 / A cutting from a female plant will produce 100% of feminized plants
Growing in the same environment and conditions, you will be replenished with feminized strains, totally identical to the mother plant.

3 / Use at least two young mother plants
Cuttings taken on plants less than two months old can develop differently from one another and develop more slowly.

4 / Seeds generate new mother plants each year
The age of cuttings is determined by the age of the parent plant from which they were taken.
The cuttings taken from the old mother plants of 6 months will give mature cuttings of 6 months. Marijuana plants reach their production capacity in CBD and THC from the age of 6 months to a year, you must seed (0 age) every year to maximize the impact of your planting.

5 / Keep some plants growing
Mothers intended to provide you with a renewed stock of cuttings in case of failure or bad experiences

6 / Do not use weak feminized plants
Always start with the best plant; the one that has a slower growth, the diseases or parasites are transmitted to the properties of the cutting and can strike all the cultures. In addition, weak cuttings do not include good growth (slow) and produce few buds

7 / Make cuttings preferably with mature plants
Mature plants produce more cannabinoids than seedlings; and therefore a high concentration of THC

8 / Make small cuttings as soon as possible
As soon as the canopy is formed, with some leaves; they will take root more quickly and that will save the cost in sheet that they will develop later

9 / Avoid cuttings taken at the flowering stage
Indeed these faster cuttings need an extra month before returning to growth. In addition they bloom younger, and may be prone to damage caused by diseases

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10 / Do not put back females that have already bloomed in re-growth mode
This would destabilize your crop and directly threaten future cuttings from them

11 / Plants need 18 at 24 hours of light a day
The mother plants are exclusively intended to grow, so keep to the maximum daytime hours

12 / Less nitrogen helps rooting cuttings
It is recommended to reduce the nitrogen supply of 10% of normal, in order to improve cuttings and their implantation.

13 / Keep your flowering cycle in eight weeks
This boils down to a constant supply of cutting and therefore also harvesting

14 / Constantly cut
It is recommended to take two new cuttings every four days, to allow the mother plant to grow in good health.

15 / Do not use hybrid mother plants
The F1 style hybrid seed will surely give cuttings quickly; but the cuttings of F1 plants will give cuttings to the longer development

16 / To start, use varieties of Indica
Indica varieties especially the Skunk categories, which are the simplest to cut, and particularly suitable for beginners

17 / Ban the varieties called "Automatic"
The varieties known as Automatique (auto-flo) are not suitable for cuttings, because of their automatic flowering which will make difficult a cuttings which does not bloom immediately ...

18 / Tests & Errors
Cuttings are not immune to experience and mistakes. Try different species in the best possible environmental conditions, by elimination you will find the appropriate and adapted species.

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