A Cure to cure Autism

A Cure to cure Autism - The endocannabinoid system plays a vital role, its disruption can lead to neurological disorders such as ASD.

A Cure to cure Autism - The endocannabinoid system plays a vital role, its disruption can lead to neurological disorders such as ASD.

Autism is a complex neurological disorder affecting development, manifesting itself in the early years of life. Autism is a generic term encompassing a wide variety of individuals with very different symptoms; which makes the dosage of a treatment often unsuitable or ineffective. Apart from several clinical studies, today are in favor of a cannabis-based treatment.


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

autism is a learning disability that typically manifests itself in the first three years of life. ASDs (Autistic Spectrum Disorders) influence brain function and affect behavior, sometimes leading to severe communication and social integration difficulties. These learning disabilities vary from almost nonexistent (Asperger Syndrome) to severely disabling.

  • Deficits in reciprocal social interactions
  • Activities and interests limited
  • Delayed social, emotional abilities
  • Deficits in verbal and nonverbal communication and in the imagination
  • Behavior limitation; rejection of the individual, others
  • Limitation of achievement abilities (education, progression)
  • Memory problems
  • Physical deficits in some cases (height, weight, bone structure)
  • Epilepsy

Autism is a serious handicap. Autistic cases have increased dramatically since the 1980 years; Clinical studies have since shown that the prevalence of autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is 60 / 10 000, which is 6 people on 1000. A prevalence in children who can go up to 1 child on 100, and mostly boys.

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Mental disorders are detected using an IQ test, which determines the degree of invalidation of the patient. But autism is inexplicably much more complex as suggested by a simple test ... Although early behavioral or cognitive intervention can help children at first, the large disparity of patients makes it difficult to dose a treatment, which is often ineffective. There is no known cure for autism.

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Endocannabinoid deficiencies

The risk factors of autism are difficult to identify, and numerous. However, researchers at Stanford University claim that some forms of autism are the result of a lack of natural endocannabinoids in the brain; Production of natural Cannabinoids is altered by a genetic mutation, which limits chemical interactions with the brain.


CB1 receptors play a key role in the differentiation of neurons, they are responsible for defining themselves the position of synapses and axonal migration. This suggests that these same receptors could trigger so badly activated ASD by interrupting neurodevelopment during early childhood.

CBD on neuro
CBD protects the neurons of the hippocampus

It should be noted that CB2 receptor agonists decrease the migration rate of monocytes, important immune cells through the endothelium (thin layer of cells that separates the blood system from tissues and organs). Monocytes are the key cells of the immune system, their disruption of their development is also considered a factor in the appearance of ASD. This is what reports The Journal of Immunology and NCBI

Ex vivo model to study axonal development (

A study of 2013 demonstrated that children with autism had an abnormally high level of CB2 receptors, whereas the level of CB1 (and fatty acid amide hydrolase) receptors that degrade anandamide remained unchanged. The researchers "... raised the possibility that changes in endocannabinoid signaling could contribute to the pathophysiology of autism."

Cannabis Treatment

While the unfortunate activation of cannabinoid receptors during childhood is an underlying cause of ASD, it is logical to think that the administration of antagonists such as CBD may negate this effect. Natural endocannabinoid molecules, have a structure similar to that of phytocannabinoid molecules (such as THC and CBD) contained in plants such as cannabis.


In an 2015 experiment, scientists concluded that CB1 receptor activation by an antagonist such as anandamide controls the response to reward in social interactions.

"Deficits in this signaling mechanism may contribute to social impairments in autism spectrum disorders and may suggest an avenue for treating these conditions."

The Autism Research Institute has proven that the use of controlled doses of cannabis, can show an improvement in behavior in autism. This treatment erases anxious, hostile and painful behaviors in the life of the autistic.

"Some of the symptoms of medical cannabis have improved [in children with autism] including: anxiety, including severe anxiety, aggression, panic disorder, generalized anger, seizures, destruction of property behavior and self-harm. "Reported by the Autism Research Institute

"Marijuana has been a relief, it does not cure, but" relieves and improves "autism in the child." Mieko Hester-Perez founder of The Unconventional Foundation for autism

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Charlotte Figi, a girl with severe autism, improved her health with cannabis oil

In California, where the use of cannabis prescribed medically is legal. In order to limit his son's violent mood swings (after many medical tests), a father had the courage to give his child a non-decarboxylated cannabis concentrate (no psychoactive effect). There was immense relief in the child's behavior.

The father said, "It was as if all the anxiety, the rage, and the hostility that haunted him had evaporated. Sam was physically more relaxed and started initiating physical contact with the intention of being affectionate instead of aggressive. It was extraordinary!"

Kalel Santiago treated with cannabis oil

Kalel Santiago 9ans, pronounced his first words after the administration of a treatment rich in CBD. As for epilepsy, we see that the majority of parents who administer cannabis to their autistic child use oils rich in CBD, apparently with good results.

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