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How to Grow High Quality Big Buds

Planting and growing grass is usually not a complicated process and can be done by anyone. However, it is not the growth rates and size of the plants that determine the value, it is significantly the buds. Here's what you need to know to grow big buds of weed.

A lot of novice growers, as well as the more experienced, struggle with the quality of their buds. The plant can grow optimally, but it does not always seem to produce the desired results ...

No worries ! It's all in the steps and details. The following list highlights 10 tips on the cannabis that will help you improve the quality of your buds.

1. Superior quality of the seeds

Just like in the kitchen, a good meal requires high quality products, the growth of quality buds requires high quality seeds. Alternatively, you can clone a plant, just be sure to choose one that has developed strong roots. Obtain more information about the strain and its specifics in order to provide the most suitable conditions.

2. Maintain a temperature and humidity for proper growth

It is necessary to ensure a suitable temperature and a good amount of humidity adapted to the needs of the plant. Constantly know the temperature and humidity rate in the room as even the smallest fluctuations can impact production.

  • For sowing: a temperature between 18 and 23 °C with a humidity of 60% during the first two weeks.
  • For adult plants under lighting: a temperature of not more than 80% of ambient temperature and decreasing humidity of 5% for the first four weeks.
  • For adult plants without illumination: a temperature between 16,5 at 22 ° C with about 55% humidity.
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3. Boost your crop with CO2

If the growth takes place outside, it's not a problem, otherwise it's something that should be considered. CO2 plays a vital role in how plants absorb light, then convert it into energy, it must be abundant in the growth space.

4. Provide the right nutrients

To get protruding heads, your plants need an external stimulus in the form of nutrients. You need to give it the right amount for each stage of growth, especially during flowering. Make sure the nutrients are low in nitrogen but high in phosphorus and potassium to avoid shortcomings.

5. Obtain the right airflow and spacing

Proper trellising around the buds is very important because it allows them to reach their full potential without any constraints. Take care of any branches or leaves that could block the passage of fresh air or light. Another method is to bend the branches of the plants in order to improve the structure in a beneficial way, keeping in mind that there is no cutting. For even more positive results with air flow, it is recommended to use fans and filters in the room. Ventilation of stale air (which has already been used) is also essential.

6. Cut at the right time

Pruning involves cutting off certain branches and can be a very effective method of helping your plant produce better returns. This method consists of removing small and unsightly buds, in order to obtain fewer buds, but considerably larger and denser. Note that pruning is a process for the growth stage of vegetation, otherwise the plant will not be able to recover and grow stronger.

7. Provide enough space for containers

Using large containers may seem useful, but it is actually better to use medium sized containers. This is mainly because in a large container, it takes more time and effort for the plant to reach the nutrients and settle in the soil. Often the plant has reached full maturity, but there is a lot of unused soil left in the container. It is not very efficient and the resources can be better used. Of course, if the container is too small. There will not be enough space and soil for the roots to develop fully and the yields of the plant will suffer.

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8. Provide production support

That you cultivate at interior or to outdoors, providing him with adequate support can greatly enhance his development. The most effective and least expensive methods are the use of a cage, stake or net, depending on your conditions. Some strains have weak branches by nature, so good support is essential to help them support the weight of the buds.

9. Lighting is essential

Many inexperienced growers tend to provide insufficient lighting and suffer from low yields. Note that common household light bulbs are not sufficient for plant growth. Growers can choose from several lighting options:

  • T5 fluorescent tube
  • Glow discharge lamp (HID)
  • HPS sodium bulbs
  • MH metal halide lamp
  • Powerful grow LEDs at full spectrum

Lighting is one of the most important things, it influences growth in terms of size and speed but also plays a crucial role in the quality of the buds.

10. Harvest at the right time

Harvest as soon as you smell the scent and see the buds Getting bigger is always very tempting, especially considering all the preparation and effort that goes into the growing process. But to get the optimal performance, you have to be patient and choose the right time. Of course, it is also not better to wait too long, as this can affect potency.

Cultivating can sometimes be difficult, but producing quality buds can be an even harder task without an adequate knowledge base. If you follow these 10 tips, you will probably get positive results. The more you put into practice what you have removed from this list, the better your returns.

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