10 reasons to prefer cannabis to alcohol

Drink less to smoke more

10 reasons to prefer cannabis to alcohol

We cannot "live and let live" the idea that alcohol is a legal drug, which can be consumed in all convenience and even in terms of health compared to what is. accused marijuana. Indeed, cannabis is classified as a drug more dangerous than alcohol ... Beer is "fun", "social" when it is typically the opposite ... Alcohol is deadly and chaotic, in 10 key arguments , it is easy to demonstrate:

10. Marijuana won't give you the same "hangover" 

First of all, alcohol hangovers take a long time… When you are awake with symptoms of a hangover but haven't had a drink, you should probably call an ambulance… A hangover is a kind of toll (for the body) of your activities the day before. For most of us, a hangover from alcohol is arguably the worst thing after we're really sick, but seeing as it's all the same… Of course, cannabis can. cause a kind of hangover, but it will be clean, it is estimated at about 1% its severity compared to alcohol, which is anecdotal ...

9. Your liver will say "thank you"

The fact of not feeling anything at the level of damage when you drink, does not mean anything. Even if you don't feel hell behind the scenes, you should know that the liver is very expensive. Drinking too much or even little but too often can cause irreparable damage, or even can end your life in a very unpleasant way. In the case of cannabis, the substance itself does not affect the liver, which means that even if ingested, your liver will work normally without being harmed. Of course, it's generally agreed that frequent light to moderate drinking isn't likely to kill you, but let's be honest ... moderation is something that no longer exists when you hit a bottle and when you start, it's hard to stop.

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8. You will not be using the toilet every three minutes ...

Alcohol “once you start you can't stop”… from peeing !! There is nothing more boring than going back and forth to the bathroom, and 45 times in the same hour. Business trips become hell, and at night your body will do anything to push back the precious moisture inside you, which is what leads to a hangover in the early morning ... With cannabis, you will be more likely to use a beer, or even two in a whole evening, which will make your bladder work, lighter ...

7. No chance for overdose

Everyone knows that alcohol can kill you, but you might not know how fast. When it comes to full alcohol poisoning, it is perfectly possible for alcohol to end your life in less than five minutes… Literally - five minutes after consumption, you can risk death. Alcohol poisoning kills thousands of people all over the world every year, yet alcohol remains completely legal and inexpensive… On the other hand, cannabis won't kill you because it can't. kill. Literally no case of death in all of history has been witnessed by overdose of cannabis. The reason is that in terms of toxicity, cannabis is just as dangerous as peanuts, and even a big "surreal" dose will not lead to your death.

6. Take care of your complexion

Heavy cannabis use can most definitely lead to red eyes. On the other hand, when you empty a bottle you just end up with a dilation of the blood vessels, and an inevitable redness of the skin ... The bright red face, speckled with a sort of gloomy shine in alcohol users is called the “Asian glow”. In addition to hangovers, and headaches; you will look like someone who has been through a beehive ...

5. You will be exempt from fighting

10 reasons to prefer cannabis to alcohol

We have known for a long time that alcohol makes you violent! A scientific study recently confirmed that while alcohol makes people violent, marijuana makes people more placid. It is not a revelation, the more you drink, the more the probability of undergoing an unfortunate interaction increases… The more you smoke, the more your chances of lifting a finger diminish.

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4. Improves performance in bed


Alcohol is often mistakenly mistaken for an aphrodisiac because it increases confidence and lowers inhibitions. In fact, the effects it has on your body makes the act itself much more difficult, as does the pleasure which will seem quite passable… On the other hand, cannabis has been referred to in many scientific circles as the new Viagra. Longer, more explosive orgasms than ever before - not to mention, the ultimate.

3. Cannabis can be used for medical purposes


They say self-medication is never a good idea, but the only exception to the rule may well be cannabis. There are so many amazing strains that can work wonders against insomnia, stress, anxiety etc… Strains that have absolutely no bad side effects. On the other hand, alcohol has absolutely no medical properties whatever the period of your life. What's more, CBD can help in the fight against alcoholism...

2. Become creative or stay the ^^


Drinking alcohol makes you feel like you are getting the 'buzz' you are looking for ... With cannabis the sky is the limit, once you actually smoke cannabis you realize the possibilities for experimentation all around. of you are just amazing. Once you truly step into the weed world, you realize that the possibilities for experimentation all around you are simply amazing.

1. You will avoid the "beer belly"


It's probably fair to say that those of us reacted with horror to discovering the 150 calories after just one glass of bourbon. 250 calories in a craft beer and up to 600 calories in a cocktail. There is no mystery as to why drinkers tend to develop massive, and often unsightly, tummies. To put it simply, the difference will be noticeable if you prefer the beauty of marijuana, because obviously no calories will be counted to you ^^

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