10% less deaths on Nevada roads since legalization


In the state of Nevada, 10% fewer road deaths since cannabis legalization

Opponents of legalization continue to warn against driving under the influence of cannabis. But like in Colorado, the number of traffic fatalities has fallen sharply in Nevada. And this since the cannabis market was regulated a year ago ...

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More and more peaceful roads in Nevada

A year has passed since the opening of the legal cannabis market (legalization) in Nevada, United States. And the number of fatalities in road accidents has fallen by more than 10%. The official data, presented by the Nevada Department of Public Safety, was revealed this week by the local TV station. FOX 11.

According to data between July 2016 and May 2017, there were 310 road fatalities in Nevada. On the other hand, between July and 2017 and May 2018, only 277 accidents ...

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opponents of legalization, cannabis, Nevada, traffic accidents
Authorized driverless car in Nevada

This data is exactly the same as that for Colorado, one year after legalization. In short, it is 10% less deaths on the roads. And this data is also similar for the state of Washington.

These unequivocal figures are, of course, the opposite of the warnings expressed by opponents of legalization. Those who justify their opposition to the regulation of the cannabis market by law are the same ones who say that cannabis is a danger to drivers.


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