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10 mistakes not to commit in cannabis culture

Here are 10 common mistakes of beginner & how to avoid them

The cultivation of cannabis is quite simple, even for a beginner. Like any plant, marijuana needs light, soil and water. However, because of the prohibition, those who want to cultivate in secret, are exposed to certain conditions that can lead to error. Indeed, these cultures are generally realized without the sunlight. Conditions that must be made perfect for an optimum culture. It is therefore important to recognize the common mistakes of beginning producers. From lack of discretion to excessive watering, here are 10 most common mistakes to avoid.

1. Motivation

The growth of cannabis requires investment in long hours and infinite patience to get a good product. Many cycles that will consecrate time and energy. Without this, we will obtain a meager crop and which is of lower quality. Target your goals, and invest with love and enthusiasm.

Conduct preliminary research as soon as possible

2. Lack of Discretion

The novice producer is excited at the idea of ​​implementing their culture medium. In general, he will be tempted to spread the word among their friends but this will greatly increase the risk of exposure. Stay in absolute secrecy, it will be enough for you to restrict as much as possible the number of people who know the existence of the plant. Beyond the legal aspect, cannabis cultivation is an issue that should attract little attention. Like any culture, it is personal and discreet.

Lack of discretion ... Failure

3. The absence of a preliminary study & orientation

Most growers are not all lucky enough to be consulted by a growing veteran. But it is obvious that to begin, he will have to refer to it. Do preliminary research as soon as possible. Do not settle for just one informative video. Document yourself, take notes and get advice from the most experienced producers.

Jorge Cervantez, the veteran of the grow. His advice is available on the net and on Blog-Cannabis

4. Use superior ground quality

Good potting soil (at each stage of plant life) will have a direct impact on the quality of the final product. The selection process is just as important as choosing good seeds. Ignoring such a step will lead to the spread of pests and other nuisances in the soil. This will end in the total failure of your culture.

Bad soil attracts "pests"

The soil must be able to drain the water properly. For best results, the pH of your water should be maintained in 6.5 and 7.5 pH. Some will even say that too acidic soil will lead to favoring males. But most experts disagree on this statement. Anyway do not let acid soil let alone pests ruin your crop.

5. The lack of attention to details

"The devil is in the details." In full growth your plants will give you many indications on their health. Look carefully at all the leaves, keep them healthy. No holes, no rips and no insects. You will have to cut them but also keep them in the light. Ensure a good distribution of the canopy (the upper level of the foliage).

Uniform foliage and brightness

If the brightness is lacking, use reflectors, a reflective material or an additional light source. Non-uniform, degraded lighting will negatively affect the quality and quantity of production.

6. Lack of familiarity with the strain

Some strains of cannabis may require other methods, see special treatment. It is important to ensure that your seeds are from a good seed bank. The good reputation of the seed, and therefore its quality will certainly lead you to use a specific and recognized method.

In the case of a landrace strain (eg the Himalayan Kumaoni) you will have to adapt your environment to your plant ...

While the acquisition of a seed of "dubious" origin could lead the beginner to consider unnecessary risks. Indeed, an uncertified seed can come from any type of crop and its configuration will certainly not be known by the beginner.

7. spray

Excessive watering is the most common cause of crop failures. In fact, too much water will saturate the earth and mold will grow. In time, the roots will rot on the spot and the plant will begin to fade. So, do not "drown" your plant! Water your soil a little, and make sure it is dry when next watering. Drying of the soil must be noted in the hours that follow.

Plants saved from "drowning"

8. Impatience

Medical cannabis plants must be harvested at the right time and precisely. Be patient and wait until the flowering phase is over and therefore optimal. Indeed for some strains of cannabis, it will seem very tempting to harvest at times when your plant is resplendent. And especially in the case of medical cannabis, the "yield" will be attractive before its term.

Do not fool yourself with "greenery" ...

Do not get me wrong, the information provided by your farmer is accurate and must be scrupulously respected.

9. A stimulating environment for plants

Like all animals, even plants are sensitive to the environment in which they grow. Beyond the cycle of light and darkness, which must be respected by the minute; you will have to maintain a constant temperature. Improve the atmosphere in which your plant is evolving. Some will talk to you about hugs, music; the main thing is that your plant lives in an atmosphere of joy and love ... Be "communicating" with your plant and the fruits will be all the better ^^

Be kind to plants ...

10. Use of cuttings

It can not be repeated enough, "make cuttings". Cuttings are a great way to preserve the genetics of your plant. In addition, a cutting is effective in terms of growth and yield. However, cuttings may have genetic disorders and the same susceptibility (to parasites) as the parent plant. When your seeds are reliable and growth is going well, do not hesitate to cut the "good" plant.

Halt, clone reliable parents

And because of this, you will control virtually every aspect of your plant.

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