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In order to highlight the benefits of medical cannabis, our writing focuses largely on academic work and research around therapeutic cannabis.

The second axis on which our site focuses is the progress of the legalization of cannabis in the world. Two steps are listed. First of all, the introduction of new regulations around medical cannabis. Understanding and describing this phase is essential as it often serves as a stepping stone for the future. Many articles are thus dedicated to the observation of what is happening in the United States. The USA is indeed a giant legislative laboratory of what could happen to the laws on the weed in the rest of the world. The way in which each state in the United States sets up its legislation is to be watched closely, as it often announces the second step: the total withdrawal of the prohibition on recreational cannabis. This is certainly one of the key points for our readers who are particularly sensitive to this topic. We are not talking simply of decriminalization of the grass, but of a total legalization of the weed. A true media watch is set up on these issues, in order to offer the most accurate and fastest information, not only on developments in the United States, but also in Europe, including France, of course, but also elsewhere in the world, in Israel, in Canada, in Australia, and on all the continents of Africa and Asia.

With legalization, especially around therapeutic cannabis, enormous commercial and financial stakes have been put in place. Companies have sprung up all over the world, particularly in Canada, to meet the challenge of large-scale production of quality medical cannabis. One of the missions of is also to inform the reader about this new emerging economy and, this time, perfectly legal. Following the CBD cannabis producers in Switzerland, understanding the mergers between major Canadian producers, and giving the best data on CBD product purchase possibilities in France is the obsession of Of course, the way the weed business is built is directly related to legalization.

Last point addressed by the site: the cultivation of cannabis at home, which is also called autoculture. Indeed, in a number of countries, legalization also allows liberalization of cannabis cultivation for personal consumption. Our articles wish to give advice on how to grow grass, how to choose the most suitable strain, the most effective method, and the easiest. Thus the site regularly evokes the grow box, bringing all in one to allow the amateur grower to get started without difficulty. Moreover, even if our advice is adapted to the beginners, the most experienced can perfect their knowledge. Growing cannabis is an activity that, while still simple and affordable for all, needs to be precise.

Cannabis compounds, in particular CBD oil, offer many hopes for patients with many more or less severe ailments: whether it is epilepsy in its different forms, and especially in child, certain types of cancer, Alzheimer's disease or even eczema. If the search for treatment is obviously an obsession with medical work, other elements of basic research around cannabis are discussed, such as neurogenesis. While CBD and its benefits are a good part of the work that our articles cover, the benefits of THC are also an important part of articles centered around the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

It is also a question of allowing a full understanding, depending on the state of knowledge, of how medical cannabis, be it THC or CBD, works on the body.

Another goal is to have a much better understanding of the course of THC in the body to evaluate the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of salivary or urinary marijuana testing. Many herb users are indeed worried about these issues, and tries to answer them with the greatest precision.